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Yes, Javy Guerra sucks! He has given up 3 games I have seen - early in the season. He gave up a game in Milwaukie and 2 games in a row to Atlanta. He has a lot of saves ONLY because the Dodgers bats and starting pitching have given him that opportunity. He puts pressure on his field players to cause them to lose the game. I hate Javy Guerra. 4/25/12
I still remember the little Sean from t-ball. God bless. Melinda Limones, Alvin Tx.
Emily, LaLa Land
Boomer was born on the 4th of July, that is how he got his name!!
carlos martinez, venezuela
Kelly Angel, Jackson, MI
He is a great gay, and he has a geat future. Don´t leave him go.
sandy, florida
Larry Cobb has so much potential and is a great player. He is going to be big some day !!
This forum is the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever seen. Don't you people have anything better to do?
it's a good baseball player ..i love her...
he is the best
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