Advertising with Talk-Sports

Talk-Sports accepts direct ads with payment via PayPal. The following sections describes optional campaigns that you might run and their cost. Talk-Sports received more than 800,000 visits and 2,500,000 pageviews in March 2009.

Forum Advertising

This advertisement will appear on all forums, all search result pages, but not on the Talk-Sports blog or search results specific to any blogs.

Position Price
Text link in right sidebar $100/month
Banner in header $2 CPM
Button in right sidebar $1 CPM

Individual Pages

Advertisements can also appear on individual pages, other than the homepage of a blog or the homepage of a website. Individual text links in the footer of a page are $100 per year. Individual banners in the header of a page are $1000 per year. One year minimum.

Mulitple Advertising

If you choose to advertise on more than one property, then consider the second and further options to be half-price. That is, the highest priced item is full price and all other advertising is half price.

Ad Sizing

The text links must be no more than 32 characters of text and the link URL must be no more than 127 characters in length. Banner ads should be 468 pixels wide by 90 pixels high, but feel free to ask about other banner options. Button ads should be125 pixels wide and high.


Note that all ads must be approved and there are countless reasons why we might reject an ad. Thanks!


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