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So when is the last time someone hung out with him? And do you go to his house?
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Martha Smith, King George VA
Heather Bellis , California
Hey Prince, don't know if you follow this, but just wanted to tell ya, I enjoyed watching your career unfold. You were good for baseball. I hope you enjoy your retirement. Thanks for making my enjoyment of baseball even more complete.
Gary Buckhannon, St Louis Missouri
Way to hum Sergio, you blew atwo run lead in the ninth yesterday, and blew a three run lead today in the ninth. Take that smart ass grin back home with you. You are worthless and THATS WASSUP jackass!
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Abaddon, Lonniehall
jack gunter, seattle, washington
Dale Thomas , Covina,Ca
Robert E. Mc Govern Jr., Northampton, Mass.
Drew Erickson , Plaza ND
Le-Rojor williams , Fort lewis wa.
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