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Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-09T10:31:50

I'm in a picture sharing frame of mind today:

Just because...?!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-09T07:55:19

Well, She didn't actually have a victory so there is that.  She did accomplish something wonderful, but apart from that...most of us celebrate our accomplishments at the time of the accomplishment...kinda like she did.  We don't wait 10 days to do so.  

Not only that.  Victory Column is a tourist attraction much like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.  So I'm really sure she didn't forget she climbed to the top.  Like most ppl who think of others I think she made the decision initially to share that particular photo privately.  The only thing to be accomplished by sharing it publicly is to create chatter.  The delay also suggests she had time to okay doing it.  

BTW...see that's what I mean by passive aggressive.    
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-09T07:08:56
Vet why are you so upset, that picture probably means nothing. It seems she was just sharing her victory.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-09T03:43:16
You got me*;) winking
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2015-10-09T02:59:47
Yeah right! Don't play dumb... You & everybody here knows what your intention was when you posted victory or whatever column symbolizing Angel.
You've got a crush. Too bad you can never ask her out!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-09T01:35:48

Seriously.  What is wrong with you?  Where did you read that it had any thing to do with Angel?  I know what she is and actually she's standing on Victory Column but she is symbolically an angel.  I just think she's pretty...don't you?  
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-09T00:43:12
I don't get it : the victory column in Berlin has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Angel !
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-08T22:05:00
BTW...this one is in Berlin...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-08T22:01:12
Victory Column....something to do w/ the rugby games?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-08T21:55:46

Hey all meet this beautiful angel.  She stand atop Victory Column.  She's the Goddess of victory thus the laurel wreath (ring) and one could mistake her staff for a scepter.  Lot of ppl with Angel's on the brain these days...hmm?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-07T11:34:44
Wise words !
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-07T08:33:43
we're talking about who? GK ( yet? she not tired? ) , ET (I thought this girl was smart enough to get out fast this madness ) or a girl who dined with him and crew Damien?
(BJ posted the photo of a horse to say that they were just friends )
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-07T05:28:17

I don't think he will be reading this or taking advice from me...that said,, he has no ability to control that  amount of crazy.  If he could he would have.  NO.  This is '"I will not be ignored" on steroids.  He's tried to distract (worked only until he made his intentions clear), He's tried to ignore (Angel is trolled), he's now confronted it head on and said he won't back down and it seems she's gone even bigger w/veiled threats.  

I said last year he'd do all he could to keep even the crazy inside the tent.  So it's not a surprise to me that he goes the friendship route...even w/2.0.  What is surprising is even with the OG screaming that she is his cross to bear (on a daily), he can't figure out how to contain his messes without spillage.  Make amends, (it's the right thing to do) but don't try to do the friendly because  it's going to bite you in the ass...even IF your intentions are pure.   Hey, but it does create a mini crisis and once again it shows he's desired.  He has options.

Does he really think anyone is unaware of that?  It hasn't worked in the past it's not going to work.  Then maybe it's for himself.  His way of creating distance.   I still remember the 'I Only Have Eyes For You' /'Crystalised' combo.   Then what?  Did he forget he really did burn down his house.  But how could he when there is crazy there to remind him...on repeat. 
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2015-10-07T04:08:53
@BBS May he read what you just wrote and take action to MAN UP, put the childish Barbies in the toybox and leave them there (since grown ups don't play with dolls), and clean up his d@mn mess that HE made.
He might finally win the game.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-07T02:30:51

Ha!  I just really read those lyrics D.  Don't get me wrong, I think she loves him to distraction.  I also think she loves herself.   All of this messiness has to be draining.  I just think it's taken it's toll.  She's been single white femaled  for going on what... 3 years now?  

She's expressed that she's scared (she should be) she's been called everything but a child of God,, she's been pushed off twitter and now the freak has actually taken her voice.  It's like Nut is that dude from 'Silence of The Lamb' who killed women and wore their skin.  

So clearly to even consider him, there has to be love.  I just think it's all been too much .  It's clear the goal is to make herself that mountain that's too high, the valley that's too AND the river that's too wide to get around.  If that's not enough to withstand he creates even more drama?  C'mon now.  Really-  And think about it...the reward is a lifetime of this?  REALLY!  Is there any human who has the ability to love THAT big!  To trust through all this craziness?   
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-07T01:39:15
exactly ! And he would be stupid to cry over ( mayb ) spilt milk .
And he may be a lot - but not stupid !
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-07T00:03:03
Seems like quite a few ladies who actually know the guy think he's worth it...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-06T13:36:01

@D I just have no words for that any more.  I don't even get the point.  She did overplay her hand (as usual) I had forgotten about a certain connection until that last insta. 

OTOH...Bradley can be his own worst.  He seems to love drama.    2.0 is an even more entitled less aware version of the original...NO, I don't want to talk about Bradley and his  possible paramours.  Frankly it's depressing.  The more I see of him the more I wonder if anyone could be worth as much work as he would entail.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T13:08:25
@BBS, is he running interference because he's got a nutcase working to spin every tweet and instagram he posts? 

The timing of the spin is always once it's known he's out of town. Could that be a pattern we are seeing? Or is it a surprise every time it happens. Hmmm...

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T12:59:26
...when you give it up, it's only enough to get me by.
You're playin' a game, it's so plain you want me to win.
I'm willin' to play what ever you say
if Love is the end...
You start you stop, you know what you got is what I need.
When you give it up it's only enough to make me say...that
You're playin' a game...

-BarryWhite, Playing Your Game
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T12:35:34
that should be only guessing.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T12:34:16

Reply-to:I think hes already moved on and hes probably spending some time with her before his birthday. He doesnt seem like the type to be alone.  Spending time w/who?  -A

I'm on guessing he's not alone, I don't have a clue who she could be. 

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-06T12:15:49

@D could you reformat that.  It's huge.  She is an Island of calm in a sea of madness.  Bradley is running all kinds of interference and seems to be correcting misinformation.

This weekend was another correction in line with his horse picture...friendship conversation.  IMO.  
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T11:31:52
I just don't think one would keep hanging in there with no payoff - that makes no sense. It just doesn't take people long to get fed up with getting nothing for their efforts.

But, if one has to move on, don't move on to crazy, move on to REAL. 
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-06T11:24:36

I think he's already moved on and he's probably spending some time with her before his birthday. He doesn't seem like the type to be alone.


Spending time w/who? 



Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-06T11:18:37
I think he's already moved on and he's probably spending some time with her before his birthday. He doesn't seem like the type to be alone.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-06T09:12:57

Where exactly did I say that? But YES, and let's tie this into some context.  IF you are wondering why Bradley seemingly doesn't want to or can't let Arthur go.   Because it's not just about that post.  It's also his most recent favorites of himself as Arthur.  If it were Merlin or cast themed...I'd get it.  It's not, and of course there other stuff that I won't even go into.

 Looking at what Bradley has been posting reveals what or more specifically who is on his mind.  He opened his acct with a love letter home and angel imagery and it has been on constant repeat in one form or another.  Including his last OnceAndFutureKing hashtag in which he used an image of Arthur from OnceAndFutureQueen to his last post of himself w/the same hashtag while once again revealing himself to be home.   Just as when ever he's referring to Damien he ties it w/a Damien hashtag.   Consistency and patterns.  Not really all the hard.  What we think and or feel always comes out and he had reason this past week.  

Meh, I really don't feel like going into any of this esp. as there is no reason.  He will I'm sure move on soon enough.  It has been awhile.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-06T08:45:50
How someone can make the twist, that B.James is referring to " his " Queen, when all he did was joking about the english rugby team - incredible !!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-06T08:30:54

Sorry to delete you but no one is going into a long winded discussion to explain to you what I hope you are using as willful ignorance.  Merlin as it turns out was immortal...The Once and Futures were not.  If we are speaking to Merlin (the tv show) Arthur never ruled over Albion and IF it was ever united (we have no idea) It was Gwen and at least in theory Merlin (Arthur always entrusted her care to Merlin) who used Arthur's death to do so.  Now those are FACTS.

What Bradley did on Saturday was GLORIOUS.  He actually merged himself  with the character.  i.e. he and Arthur are one.  He did it in the here and now while revealing himself  to be AT HOME. the #OaFK no matter what you say or how you attempt to twist it was all about Camelot (home) and his Queen...also a # OaF (in Merlin).  It's not really all that hard.  

Some things have been recurring with Bradley of late.  I'm sure IF you really try hard EVEN you can figure them out.  As I said before...too bad for him the #OnceAndFutureQueen is giving nothing.  So perhaps the Darkest Night/Hour  is indeed before the dawn and he probably wasn't referring just to England's lose
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T15:34:39
We are not.  That person is truly and sadly sick.  He/she can't seem to stay away.  He/she routinely pretends to be several ppl and is determined he/she is going to convince someone anyone (apart from the other freaks at lj) that their eyes were lying to them and they should believe him/her instead of the story line.

God only knows why.  It could not be more clear that Bradley is very font (likely too  fond) of vagina.  But then Bradley did choose to set them off.  I do think he loves seeing them pay homage to the woman they despise.  It's like they never  take the hint no matter how many of them he blocks.  He posts a pic of  Arthur from OaFQ and tags it OaFK knowing that he is totally hetero they float on that river of denial and don't realize he thinks them a joke.   So he does it again once he return home after posting two pics of himself as Arthur and they play the fools again.  Ah, he did say The Usual Suspects is his favorite movie.  

Anywho...If I don't delete the ramblings in time just ignore them. 
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T15:07:02
BBS oh for gods sake why are we getting a minute for minute preview of a merlin episode comentory
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T14:08:31
BBS thank you I totally agree merthur is mis characterisation it was a story of true and loyal friendship without the sexual involvement. I think Katie liked to play on the Merthur thing she teased Bradley and colin cause she new they didn't like it. They are both very good actors where most of Katie's acting in Merlin consisted of snarling looks
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T13:41:40

Not so much. Philia and Agape are denoted as brotherly love. Philia is expressed variously as loyalty to friends, family, and community, and requires virtue, equality, and familiarity.  

I suppose it's a good thing that I'm here for you.  Lover's do have philia for one another but it's mixed with passion and  marked by all the unfortunate markers of Eros like jealousy.  We are speaking of the love Merlin and Arthur demonstrated for one another and it was PURE philia or agape.  Merlin was loyal to a fault.  He put Arthurs needs ahead of his own and he ensured that Arthur didn't lose the love of his life.  He didn't ask for and rarely received thanks and expressed no passion or desire for Arthur.

Even that beautiful death scene you lot try to pervert was about one brother losing another.  The need to turn it into something it was not is actually offensive.  I don't know if you've ever had the honor of being with someone at the end of life but they do seek comfort from their loved ones.  It's totally and completely normal as was Merlin's very real sense of loss which was wrapped in his own sense of failure.  

I keep telling you.  Take that weak shit to LJ. 

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2015-10-04T13:19:01
Philia (φιλία philía) means "affectionate regard, friendship," usually "between equals."[7] It is a dispassionate virtuous love, a concept developed by Aristotle.[8] In his best-known work on ethics, Nicomachean Ethics, philia is expressed variously as loyalty to friends, family, and community, and requires virtue, equality, and familiarity. Furthermore, in the same text philos denotes a general type of love, used for love between family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity, as well as BETWEEN LOVERS..
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T12:58:16

Philia (/ˈfɪljə/ or /ˈfɪliə/; Ancient Greek: φιλία), often translated "brotherlylove", is one of the four ancient Greek words for lovephilia, storge, agape and eros. In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, philia is usually translated as "friendship" or affection.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T12:13:17

Lies and half truths don't work here.  So clarify your point or don't post.  BTW don't get it twisted.  Neither were uncomfortable...they didn't like the perversion of the story. 

Colin and Bradley were completely comfortable with one another.  They simply didn't engage in the Merthur stupidity because they felt again it perverted their work.  One is allowed to have their own opinion and they don't have to compromise it to sell a delusion.

There was only one romantic love story in Merlin and it was that of Arthur and Gwen.  The other story of brotherhood was told from beginning to end.  It' was truly beautiful despite attempts to fetishize it for kicks
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T11:50:55

Bradley is extremely out spoken and he did say very clearly in I think the very 1st panel that he didn't like it and that it was twisting the thing that made Merlin and Arthur's relationship special.   Then he sopped.  Don't know if that was because he was told to or because he realized the futility in it.  

Colin too made it clear he didn't like it.  I truly think it was a large part of an issue they had w/Katie because she thought it was funny to feed into it.  Thus her and Murphy going on in that last commentary.  

As to the adverts to sell or should I say resell the box set...they know who they are marketing to.  Hard core Merlin fans i.e Merthurs.  Big business my be manned by ppl who could give a fock about the gay agenda...but they do like money.   
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T11:35:59
Both Bradley and colin didn't like Merthur but they didn't say anything detrimental against it cause they new the show would have lost fans.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T11:34:38

They were and they weren't.  Murphy hated and I mean hated Merthurs.   He was making fun of them w/sarcasm.  Merlin creators often did so.  They would use sarcasm to point out that much of the Merthur BS was about bigotry by juxtaposing it against reality.  Like when they'd complain about Gwen being of color but didn't seem to care a whit about a talking dragon or tomatoes or any of the other myriad of details  about a completely fictional ppl.

It's not Murphy's fault his audience was too stupid to realize they were being trolled. The naming of  Elyian...literal meaning WHITE was a joke on those same fans.  As was Arthur rejecting the fandom's perfect vision of  their Gwen...not just once but three times.

YOU  didn't even get that the writers were making fun of  YOU by having Merlin choose Gwen as much as Arthur did.  OTOH...

He was also being partially serious.  It was absolutely a love story between two men.  This is what YOU can't wrap your heads around and what Murphy Bradley and Colin tried time and again to point out.  Merlin and Arthur loved each other.  They were not IN LOVE with one another.  So you see the play on words.  Just like YOU don't get the joke is on YOU now (Bradley openly uses your cray for his own agenda) the joke was on YOU then too.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T10:57:04
I am sure Murphy & Alex were joking... Sarcasm... Along with the DVD cover... Phuhhhhhh!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T10:55:57
“To be fair, we did, very genuinely, think of the episode as a love story between two men. Which is what I think it is.”
–Julian Murphy (creator)
“I think it’s a love story, it absolutely is a love story.”
–Julian Murphy (creator)
“There’s much to recommend about this mythical hokum… but it’s the droll, sweet love story between Arthur and Merlin that compels in the BBC’s excellent fantasy series.”
– the ad for the official DVD set “Merlin: The Complete Collection (Series 1-5).”
“You know, it becomes a brilliant love story between Arthur and Merlin. And it’s told in the right possible way and I think fans should be happy. I would be happy if I thought of it.”
–Alexander Vlahos (actor)
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T10:45:07

Err, you may want to go back and listen to early panel discussions before it became clear your ilk were driving SM interest.  He made a show about two men who would form an unbreakable bond of friendship and love.  He didn't make a show about two men who were in love...except in your head.    
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T10:41:59

Scratch that.  It's clear you don't live in reality.  If you don't understand sarcasm that's your problem.  Murphy was joking!  He hated Merthurs.  Arthur  and Merlin were destined to be together.  They were two sides of the same coin...You do realize that doesn't mean romantically right?  BTW Bradley was speaking to the legends.  He was actually again being sarcastic about Arthur ending up w/nothing but Merlin.

Listen please try to pass this stupidity off at live journal where others will go along with your willful ignorance.  Oh and format...or something. 

Oh and just so you know.  Both Bradley and Colin hated the twisting of Merlin and Arthur's relationship as well.  It was a disservice to the pureness of it.   The only ppl who couldn't tell who Arthur's love interest was were those like you.  You know the ones who can't accept reality.   The same type who tried to shout Bradley down when he was free to tell you the plain unadulterated truth.  
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T08:47:09
when onceandfuturequeen want to respond to the commitee bee she does
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T08:26:57

BTW in context.  Bradley's comment was about England's (Albion's)  RWC ending with a Aus defeat.  They were favored going into the match and thus...Albion's need being great.

The later comment was in reference to his sadness at their defeat...i.e. it was going to be a long night.  Now I won't even bother with the larger subtext of why Bradley CHOSE to go as big as he did yesterday and why he chose to throw in his Merlin references.  

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T08:19:26

You are clearly and demonstrably insane.  The show was about Merlin protecting and guiding Arthur in his rise to be the greatest King Albion had ever known.

For Arthur to become that King in this show he needed Gwen.  It was Gwen who taught Merlin's Arthur to value all including his role as King.  She and Merlin provided the same role in terms of guidance BUT it was her love that gentled him and Merlin's magic that protected him.  The show was primarily about the Merlin and Arthur friendship.  Within the show was the larger context and Arthur needed Gwen as much (albeit in a different way) as much as he needed Merlin and no one knew that more than Merlin.

The Darkest Hour in case you didn't realize it solidified 2 things.  Merlin's commitment to Arthur and Arthur's consuming love for Guinevere.  You may want to rewatch because sure the central focus was the mission.  As Bradley said, for the show, Merlin and Arthur's friendship/bromance was central...BUT for Arthur his relationship w/Gwen was his everything.  Thus the scene w/him telling her he could face death because he could take the memory of her smile  and their 1st kiss with him.   Even during the mission the writers took the time to reinforce his love of the woman by him giving Merlin tokens for her.  Always...Arthur's final thought was of Gwen's care and he entrusted it to Merlin time and again.

So no babe.  It was your ilk that was rewriting reality...just as you try to do here.  I absolutely love Merlin and my favorite part of the show was the relationship between Merlin and Arthur.   Because it was pure agape.  Merlin was totally committed to his and Arthur's future and he clearly loved him...not romantically but he had Arthur's back no matter the situation even though Arthur was limited emotionally (except with Gwen) and Arthur loved Merlin the same.  

Their love was pure and uncomplicated by sexaul desire.  There was not quid pro quo.  That's what Bradley meant when he said time and again that everyone wants a friendship like theirs.   
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-04T07:59:48

Yes...yes he is hanging on to Merlin and every time he posts a picture of himself as Arthur or uses that has tag you  should (even if you wish it were not so) there was a #OnceAndFutureQueen.   You should realize that .Arthur only loved Gwen romantically.  They were destined and no matter the struggle it was her he loved, her he tried to impress, her he would have left Camelot for, her he would do anything for and Merlin made it all  happen

What were Bradley's words again.  When you love someone more than anything...You'd do anything for them...and Arthur would do anything for Guinevere.  But to agree Yes...yes he really does seem to be holding on to Arthur.  Alas...sadly (at least for the #(OnceAndFutureKing)  there is no sign that the #OnceAndFutureQueen is holding on to the past.  She's living firmly in the present or so it seems.  

He will move on soon enough...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T07:59:25
I wasn't sure before but now I am that you haven't really paid attention to the show. Dear, we dealt with this. Show was never ever about Arthur & Guinevere... Directors & Cast accepted so. Trouble is with you so can't help there...
I am pretty sure Albion's rise doesn't have anything to do with Guinevere,but Merlin did.. The darkest hour hasn't anything to do with Guinevere but Merlin did.. So don't crack his tweets to fulfill your crazy desires!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T07:51:45
Wow.... You got.yourself on fire & all I had to do was to just spark it! Still with issues then?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-04T02:56:16
Seems he really isn't ready to let go of his oldie goldie show now, is he?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-03T17:14:33
please news of Bradley james in instagram, please.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-03T09:19:15

Heads up.  this is a GOSSIP BLOG.  Nothing more.  If you don't want to read gossip don't come here.  No one is forcing you.  If you think looking at a few tweets constitutes  not living then you probably shouldn't be here reading either...because clearly that means YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE.  I'm very happy with mine...Thank you very much.  

I make these suggestions BECAUSE this forum is not going to become your place (like LJ) to spread misinformation and lies (I deleted a slew of them yesterday).  I can't stop you from coming here...I can take 10-15 minutes out of my day and look at  PUBLIC SM FORUMS...and post the TRUTH  to counter your lies.  BTW, if it took me 15 minutes to find the truth...Those same of you crying right now about being deleted...knew you were posting lies so I assume you wanted to mislead, get the forum going again or change the subject.  So I'll repost the post before all the madness began at the end of every day.

Have a Wonderful Day  OH and if you don't want to get deleted don't focus on me or what others say,  unless you have information to show that person lied.  In that case I will delete the post...Let me know
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-02T17:45:40
Same ol crap.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-02T15:54:07

No, I didn't think you had.  I'm sure you can see someone has made that leap.  I was speaking to the person who was on about following ppl at the same time.  My point is that they could be related or have nothing to do with the other.  

Oliver was in LA around the 20th.  Who knows why?  These ppl are all trying out for the same projects and they know each other.  Maybe Bradley made an introduction because of a project or who's Bradley, it could be absolutely anything.  

I was responding to both of you.  At least that one latched on to something.  I deleted a whole slew of wishful thinking this morning.  When not working Bradley has been in London.  IF he wanted to be in BC Toronto or SC he would have been.  There is just a few degrees of separation for these actors of a certain age. 

BTW...I will repeat, we will know who Bradley  is dating when he wants us to know.  That said, I don't know about others but IMO Bradley is one of 2 men and NOTHING would surprise me.  Esp. if he is who I think he could be.  NOTHING!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-02T15:07:45
I'm not the one thinking she's been in London or Prague. I was thinking Oliver was following her because Bradley was. Hadn't checked if she was following him which I now see she is.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-02T14:59:51

I'm aware.  As is Tobias but there is nothing other than Eliza and Oliver following one another to indicate she was in London or Prague.  She has been in BC since the 9/28 and she was in LA and BC prior to that.  Alycia has been in LA and she and Eliza hung on the 23rd so despite Bradley and Oliver hitting it off and following ppl and Eliza and Oliver following one's doubtful they did so because she was either in London or Prague.  

Bradley left London for approx a week.  He came back and it was announced he had the Underworld part.  Likely he went to LA for contract stuff.  Now it's Bradley and sure he could have met up w/Eliza and  I'm sure they are friends because that's how Bradley rolls.  But it's much more likely they move in the same circle of friends. 

Bradley also followed Kevin Seccia a few days before he showed in Prague and Kevin followed back but I doubt they saw or know each other.   SM is funny like that.   We follow ppl for all kinds of reasons and actors have projects that auditions that we know nothing about until or unless they get the part. some research know what you are talking about at the very least. 
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-02T14:29:06
And it looks like Oliver has started following 5 people that Bradley is following incl. Eliza since following Bradley.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-10-02T14:19:37
Oliver has been in Prague as he is going to be in Underworld as well.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-02T13:00:18

I'm sorry. Do you know how to speak in complete sentences? Who followed whom at the same time as who? IF you are talking about Bradley's follow of Oliver, he has been been in UK with Bradley and is a friend of Tipper's. If you are speaking about Eliza following him she has been in Vancouver and LA and Oliver just went to LA. So what is your point and try to make it? you have no point.  
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-02T12:50:00
when he was with g
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-10-02T12:36:48
What are you talking about?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-10-02T12:26:22
following the same person at the same time,i've seen this before
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-28T18:12:46
Thx for msg...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-28T14:50:45

Well, actually there is no such movie.  Just a documentary where one person was so obsessed w/another that he had her permanently disfigured, but only after realizing he didn't have the courage to kill the other person's actual love interest.

After continuing (even during a 13 year prison sentence) to stalk and obsess over the person, she eventually wed him once he was released because she was financially destitute along w/being legally blind and horribly disfigured and feared being alone.  

So no it's not a movie and it wasn't about a dysfunctional couple.  It was about one person being so obsessed w/another they couldn't let go so decided if they could not have the person no one would, and another who convinced herself she loved this person because she had very few options after said person ruined her life.    Funny the obsessed doesn't have to be a male and IF there is a woman who is showing signs of obsession over someone who has moved on and she say tweets a reference to that can easily be seen as a threat.   To then tweet the word scary after tweeting that reference is well...scary.

So yeah, scary but a wise person doesn't dismiss it and sees it for what it is and takes precaution.  Esp. if this person has had periods of escalation for almost 2 years and has been trolling a woman her obsession has shown interest in...even longer.   
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-28T14:47:17
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-28T12:27:43
Oh, yes, Rook. That's the reference. I'm just tired of that disfunction being called love. Criminal behavior, for sure.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-28T11:21:31
There's an old movie called "Crazy Love" about a truly scaary dysfunctional couple....maybe some ref involved? No idea for sure, just a thought...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-28T09:21:04

pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed
themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives
they lead.”



Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-28T09:19:01
@Rook..."CRAZY LOVE"
There is no such thing as crazy love. There IS a whole lot of crazy bullsh!t though.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-27T19:59:13
Soph.....I am also confused.  Don't believe we will be getting any answers.  I thought ALL parties had moved on?  Or at least ONE removed themselves. So yeah, why the "out of the blue" quote.....?


Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-27T17:08:37
Sorry, been away...what has triggered the last few comments??
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-27T16:42:56
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-27T15:12:49

don't have any mercy.
tear you limb from limb, in the name of love. Then, when you're dead,
when they've killed you by what they made you go through, they say
you didn't have any character. They weep big, bitter tears - not for
you. For themselves,

because they've lost their toy.”



Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-27T14:20:39

When one has an Amazing Amy in ones life it's easy to chalk threats up to crazy, one would be wise to realize that all threats...No matter how thinly veiled, are truly promises yet to be kept.  Recognize a threat and protect what's dear to you.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-25T17:58:03
you don't take the tub, when you're running out to grab a few groceries . Especially not in London - there are shops literally everywhere .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-25T15:58:40
for my Angel Coulby, she is a strong,kind,wise and beautiful woman.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-25T12:43:32
And how dressy do you get when running out to grab a few groceries or toiletries? JEESH...I guess my only suggestion would be for him to put on a cap and pull it down low if he doesn't want to be recognized...but then some folks would analyze his choice of cap...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-25T10:21:56
I totally agree with you !
But do you honestly think a tiny bit of elegance would hurt ?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-25T09:07:53
Rookie you think when they list a person accomplishments, sharp dresser will be the first thing on the list? I don't know anything about Angel but I'm pretty sure if she was ever honored with an award she would prefer to be recognize for her charitable work or acting verses her fashion sense.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-25T06:59:39
Omg.. Atleast someone who comes here doesn't do horrible jokes...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-25T00:33:39
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T23:15:34
New theory : both - AC and BJ - have an awful fashion sense, therefore they HAVE TO BE A COUPLE !
He 's declaring his love in dressing himself as awful as she does ! 😅
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T21:24:30
Yeah well.. Double standards when it comes to Angel.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-24T15:50:38
That happened a stand alone subject? Not that it is banal, no one is stopping you from doing it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T15:43:44
Funny how it's perfectly rational to discuss Angel's beauty,but discussing Bradley's looks are "banal".
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-24T15:18:55
I'm sorry maybe I missed it.  Did someone STOP you from discussing that stupidity?  How exactly did that happen? didn't *(:| yawn!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-24T09:13:43

Yes...lets.  Because discussing the possibility of who a person is, is much preferred to discussing the banality of what a person looks like.

Babe I talk to most of regulars almost everyday and they rarely post because there is no purpose to this forum any longer.  I'm still here for the sole purpose of not letting your lot take over.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T09:02:47
Reply-to:Just FYI the regulars here dont have asinine conversations about appearance.  Bradley is wearing a pair of jeans a T and he grabbed a jacket.  Thats hardly trying to do anything except likely go to the store.  He looks like a man extremely uncomfortable in that moment and yes hes a little pissed.  Talk about it all you wish...seems the topic since last night.  I on the other hand just want to see that beautiful stirring pic of him holding a little baby.   it and how tender and caring he looks in it.   Now in that picture he made an effort.  I mean he picked out a solid shirt to go with his jeans.  LOL!BTW a regular would probably know not to discuss me...  The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist.- Keyser Soze

Yes. Let's go back talking about his narccistic personality and how GMK is a criminal and illegaly hacked your computer. Stop acting like you're above everyone. YOU pushed the regulars away.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2015-09-24T08:50:41
Just FYI the regulars here don't have asinine conversations about appearance.  Bradley is wearing a pair of jeans a T and he grabbed a jacket.  That's hardly trying to do anything except likely go to the store.  

He looks like a man extremely uncomfortable in that moment and yes he's a little pissed.  Talk about it all you wish...seems the topic since last night.  I on the other hand just want to see that beautiful stirring pic of him holding a little baby.   it and how tender and caring he looks in it.   Now in that picture he made an effort.  I mean he picked out a solid shirt to go with his jeans.  LOL!

BTW a regular would probably know not to discuss me...  
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T08:27:46
re: his fashion sense ITA! I love that he's such a horrible dresser, but at the same time seems to have his own sense of style. Bless!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T08:25:58
Reply-to:I thought he would have a car for some reason.

Nah. Even Tom Hiddleston rides the underground.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T08:15:25
I thought he would have a car for some reason.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T08:09:53
Reply-to:And he doesnot have any fashion sense at all !

It's true, but one of the things that I love about him. It's endearing and makes him seem a bit on the dorky side and more human. And adorable, because it looks like he really tries, rather than just throwing something on and looking like he doesn't care, but then he misses the mark.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-24T07:13:40
and whenever he sports this horible goatie, he looks kinda strange and much older
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-24T07:10:43
that's what bad lighting does ! He's much to young to talk about aging !
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T06:45:03
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2015-09-24T06:44:15
It's not like he is unhappy or anything.. It's what aging does!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-23T23:53:02
I LOVE the last post ! Seriously .
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2015-09-23T23:27:11
And he doesnot have any fashion sense at all !
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