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Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-31T00:57:18
Reply to Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 31 Jul 2014 05:46:53 GMT >> Oh no, no. That's the first rule of being on an anonymous gossip board. Never use a RL name or initials. Although that's funny your RL initials are KL and that would go over like lead here but yeah best to use something else. --Sasky
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-31T00:52:32
Reply to Jordan (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 31 Jul 2014 04:08:10 GMT >> And what was the purpose of you telling people here about this "great pic" but won't tell us where it can be found? Unless the other board again didn't say where they found it? That's not nice,imo, to come here and dangle candy in front of those that are unable to see this pic you spoke of. --Sasky
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-31T00:49:17
Now the other board is hiding pics they take from the Internet I was wondering if anyone has suggestions those hidden pics can be made public here? I have Tumblr set up so anyone can send a pic or link anonymously and I could post the pic or where it can be found? I know if folks wanna see all the hidden stuff they can register at the other board but what if they don't want to or are already banned? Anyway just a thought. --Sasky
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:57:02
Good call. You would have been blasted for sure. lol.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:46:53
They would. I thought about using my initials so someone could respond to be then I thought I would be getting bitched at for it since god forbid my initials are kl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:44:58
LOL soph!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:44:14
Jordan thanks you sure do know a lot . I wish on this board people had to register or someone way identify themselves with initials or something. But my initials are kl so people would freak the hell out
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:29:23
Reply-to:Do you have to pay to register


Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:28:58
Do you have to pay to register
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:23:50
Reply-to:It must be a hidden board. I dont even see a members only section.

If you are registered there, it's a sub-board under the Sid board.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:13:15
It must be a hidden board. I don't even see a members only section.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T22:06:22
Anyone else think we should start ending post with installs? Would be so easy to tell people apart
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:56:10
Are we allowed to ask what said fight was about?....
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:52:44
Legend, I liked this one, called Playing for Keeps -
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:49:51
There is a members only section of hcc? So confused I've seen the tumblr and the bored never knew there was a members only section
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:42:55
Sid with a girl.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:42:36
Do you want slash fics or just Sid with a girl fics?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:38:13
Sid's. I just wanna read the whole thing tonight not waiting for an update.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:35:49
What kind of fan fiction are you looking for?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:29:15
Any good completed fanfic recommendations?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:26:56
Reply-to:I dont see that pic on HCC Jordan.

Its in the Member Only section.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:23:48
I don't see that pic on HCC Jordan.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:21:01
I don't think anyone way saying his car makes him unlikeable. It was the fact that he drove right by a group of kids waiting for autographs, even when everyone else was stopping.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:18:34
Flower has a Lamborghini. He drives it all around Montreal. I don't think your car makes you a douche.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:15:08
Well, maybe he really is a douche on and off the ice. The lamborghini thing last summer was a clear example. Anyway, I never like him and he's not good looking!!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:11:26
Legend, there were quite a few comments like that about Marchand. Maybe one of the NS posters can answer this. Does he not have a good reputation around there? Usually guys are loved in their home town even if they aren't regarded well elsewhere.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:08:10
There is another great pic of him today on HCC with a kid and her father. Pretty sad that not everyone can see it.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:06:47
Here's one of the comments, "Wouldn't expect anything less of Brad Marchad...glad you got to get Sid!!"
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T21:02:36
Haha Rookie. I remember that video too. There were a bunch of videos of Sid and Nate signing and I think some other guys too, and then there was Marchand driving by in his car while all the kids just stood there. I thought maybe it was a one time thing, like maybe he just didn't have time on that day, but it appears that's not the case.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:57:44
I almost feel as if Marchand is trying to uphold his image of mean guy off the ice. I know this sounds ridiculous but why else would he not stop to sign for little kids. He maybe doesn't want to be liked. He's mean on the ice and to be a really nice guy off the ice is too much for him? I don't know but last summer he drove right by the crowd of kids in his lamborghini..who drives a lamborghini through the maritimes anyway?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:47:58
Supposed to drop to low 50's tonight here in Pittsburgh. I had surgery this time last year and was roasting from the heat. Now I'm drinking hot tea under a blanket as I write this. Crazy weather!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:43:18
The original poster of the video on FB said that Marchand was the only one who didn't stop for autographs. I didn't noticed that Nathan was there too until I watched it again. Sid's looking so fit!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:14:32
Yep, Rookie! I live about an hour outside Toronto and it has definitely been cool and lots of rain this past week. I'm one who likes the really hot days so I'm hoping we get a few more of those this summer.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:11:56
Here in NY, it has been a cool summer compared to last summer when my central air was on 24/7. IsItOctoberYet?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:11:48
It's worst in St. Johns!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:10:56
Sid's uncle is following Sidney Crosby's Ego. Sid knows about the hilarious tweets for sure. It would be fun if someone ask him about it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:08:21
It might be really hot out west but in Toronto and GTA its been pretty cool with some rainy days. You could wear a sweater at night, that's how cool it gets when the sun sets. We had about a hand full days of real summer-like weather. The sun is still out but you don't need the AC on a fan will do. I haven't complained, this summer has definitely been one of the better cooler ones for sure. Sorry to hear how hot it is out west for you guys.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:00:57
It's hot here in Vancouver too... bring on fall!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T20:00:20
I don't like summer and this heat is making me dislike it more. I want winter now.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:56:38
I'm in AB btw :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:55:48
It's very hot legend. I don't think we hit 30 last summer. Very rare to be over 30 for this long.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:51:45
To all the Canadians here. Does anyone think this is the hottest summer? Jesus this heat is killing me. It's extremely hot!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:50:28
Thanks Vet. :) I thought maybe I've missed something. She can imagine whatever she wants:)
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:49:21
Rookies who are new here, ain't nothing going on but the rent (I went ol' school with that one- name that tune). No one knows what female is in his life except for his mom and sister. That's all. When we know, we know. Until then, just enjoy the pics.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:45:04
No one told her...she is just trying to start more shit wih the KL stuff.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:27:48
sorry, who told you *
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:27:24
Rookie, who told she is supposed to be with him in NS?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:18:21
Ryan Miller can wind up with whomever he wants since he ain't that good looking. Ick. Sorry all u Miller fans.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:17:40
Is Kathy in NS with him or is she back in Pittsburgh?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:12:38
We'll judging from Jess and Kathy I say he will end up with a typical hockey wag, but he prob messes around with eva mendes type since she's his crush
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T19:04:18
I wonder if Sidney will end up with a girl like Vanessa in that she won't be a typical hockey wag? Like Ryan Miller's wife Noureen?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T18:37:17
Very nice of Sid for stopping and sign autographs!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T18:33:00
On one site, someone said that today was the last day of that group scrimmaging.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:48:27
Now that it's all over social media what rink they are at the crowds are just going to get bigger and bigger...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:47:09
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:38:41
Nate and Vanessa have been together for awhile now.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:33:47
Thanks so much! He looks good!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:31:36
Here's the video
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:31:07
Its on the HCC tumblr or you can search sidney crosby on twitter for the link.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:30:24
I saw the video but I didn't get what Sid was saying. He looks so damn good though!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:27:45
Its on twitter
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:17:19
Picture of MacKinnon in HockeyWAGS with a "girlfriend." Before you all start harping on me, looks like a total mismatch. Dang!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:15:46
Do you have the link Soph?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:15:17
Thinking Sidney must be hosting all of these NHLers at his home since no photos of any "outings" have surfaced. I guess when you have early morning practice, not much partying going on in NS.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T17:04:38
Cute video on Facebook of sid signing for some kids
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T15:38:41
Sid is simply amazing on and especially off the ice!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T15:04:55
Rookie 21:45, It does look like he just threw on the shirt for the photo. We've seen a couple pictures where his shirt looks like that. I say just leave it off, but we all know that's not Sid's style and I love him for it. So cute and modest.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T15:02:09
Rookie 20:16. Very well put. And through it all, he has conducted himself with such class and poise. Loveeee him! What a role model.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T15:01:38
Happy 9th NHL Anniversary Sid! :D - SBP
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T14:45:17
Sid was working out shirtless? Is this why Sid's shirt sometimes looks like he just through it on? Santa Monica hot tub pic anyone..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T14:36:10
Wow I couldn't believe it's been 9 years! I feel very fortunate to watch him scored the golden goal in person and watch some of his games live! He matured so much and such a great person. His look is just a bonus!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T14:29:00
I love this
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T14:26:22
This is from the same girl who met Sid today.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T14:05:32
I just like how she referred you as "lady"..that just made it so much funnier!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T13:21:33
It's hard to believe he has been in the NHL for 9 years already!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T13:16:57
Sid has faced it all these past nine years; triumph, adversity, pain, uncertainties, pressure, and stress. Lord hoping for the best for him this next season and hopefully 9 more great seasons!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T13:05:35
Yes Legend 19;46. Less baby fat and more handsome. I also think more guarded and more reserved.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T12:46:09
Man, these past nine years have been good to Sid. He grew up well!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T12:23:21
Sweaty. Clean. Dirty. I will take him anyways.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T11:43:35
I agree Rookie!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T11:41:02
God sweaty Sid is yumm!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:57:25
2005 VS. 2014
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:46:16
The girl from the picture also wrote about meeting him here, if anyone is interested. -
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:45:01
when I was looking for the draft photos I found this one too. It's old, but I hadn't seen it before so I thought I's post it just incase others hadn't seen it either.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:39:10
Funniest tweet Ive ever read!
Geno Skates Alone ‏@genoskatesalone 37m
"You have to let him go, Geno," Sidney Crosby says. "Seriously. You can't keep Nealer in the basement."
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:35:09
There is actually 8 parts to the draft all access video for anyone who hasn't seen it or wants to watch. So make sure you don't miss any of the Sid fun! I love him and Jack Johnson!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:32:59
In honour of today (and since it's raining here), I'm going to enjoy an old Sid video: 2005 NHL Entry Draft All Access Pt 1 Sidney Crosby -
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:28:51

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:23:14
It's exactly 9 years today that Sidney was drafted by the Pens!!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:07:55
what post was deleted?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T10:06:57
So we're deleting posts again
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:35:01
Lol Soph 16:30! I agree! I live not even 10 mins from his home here and I've never seen him around. Mind you from sightings it seems he's in Hali everyday or hiding at his home behind the gate. Lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:30:13
I have to get around this city more, I haven't run into Sid yet. I've seen him before and he's all man, I can tell you that!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:29:44
i think it's the modesty in sid that makes him put his shirt back on. so sweet!!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:15:18
The girl in the picture tweeted that she met Sid and he had his shirt off. Now why did he have to go and put it back on before the picture?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:10:11
And it looks like he's working out on citadel hill again this summer.... I think it was last year or the year before, when he was working out on citadel hill, I remember seeing fb status updates from friends about it and one of my guys friends said "right now there is no women working in DT hali...." Or something like that. It was funny.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:07:25
I'm on a mac so I don't have the icon that allows you to post pictures directly, so I just use You just upload the photo and then it will give you 4 or 5 different URLs. If you copy and paste the one that starts and ends with [IMG] into the comment box here it will post the picture.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:03:54
Thanks Legend.... I cannot figure how to post photos for the life of me. Lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T09:02:05
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T08:59:32
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:59:52
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:49:51
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:48:57
But it indeed is harmonious outside so I'm gonna take the kids and get some java. Have.a good day folks. Ttyl. --Sasky
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:48:20
John Moore ‏@rinkrant 1h
.@IslandersHKY Mason McDonald gets taste of NHL's best. #sidney #crosby #pens #flames
Halifax, Halifax
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:46:54
Reply to Anonymous (Legend) wrote on Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:31:24 GMT >> The only way there'll be "harmony on the forum" is for Crosby to actually be in the same personal space with someone whose face is clearly visible and that someone is not a fan, pal, relative, or Penguins staff. Ahaha. --Sasky
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:34:34
Reply to Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:04:46 GMT >> Good points. I guess the third line wasn't where J-Staal wanted to be and as long as Malkin was there he'd never move up. The whole going back and forth with Penguins kind of reminds me where Sutter is right now. Didn't someone here say he's turned down two offers already from Penguins or what? There's someone in arbitration too? --Sasky
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:31:24
Greetings from a beautiful NY day. No one knows anything. What we do know is Sidney seems like a sweetie and is F'n BEAUTIFUL. This we can all agree on. See that?! Harmony on the forum!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-30T07:11:45
Sid-the-Skidmark gave his basement a name. It is now known as the "Whine Cellar"!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T05:20:43
Nobody knows his relationship status. I just hope that nobody starts the pointless arguments again.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T05:09:53
pretty sure he is single.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T04:42:47
Legend 075222 - what makes you so sure?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T04:26:10
I am stickin' to my theory he is a freak in the bed!!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-30T04:15:45
Nicol: xD i wanna see funny pants!!! xD xD xD LMAO
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T01:15:47
Reply-to:Pretty sure hes not single...
Tried to ask you a question and engage with you, since you always are on here late at night like me.  You never reply. 
Actually, you've never replied to anything I've asked for months. Why??
You don't think he's single. Ok, wouldn't be a biggie, but you use to get all over people's shit if they thought he wasn't?
What the hell are you doing?? 
lol - this place is so screwy.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T00:52:22
Pretty sure he's not single...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T00:30:59
Reply-to:Yes hes going to date, but why does he HAVE to be with someone? Did it occur that he may just be enjoying the single life? Just because hes 27 doesnt mean he has to run out and get married and have babies.
Where did anyone say he HAS to be with someone?

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-30T00:18:57
And for some of the east coasters here.... who will log on this morning, when we, on the west coast, are sleeping, quit calling us "late night" posters crazy trolls. Some of you guys do this all the time for some reason?? Don't know why?

Your "daytime" conversation today wasn't an example of sanity or normality either.

But keep pointing your finger.

Pot .. kettle. Introduce yourselves!

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-30T00:14:01
Yes he's going to date, but why does he HAVE to be with someone? Did it occur that he may just be enjoying the single life? Just because he's 27 doesn't mean he has to run out and get married and have babies.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:45:16
Where do you live Legend? 

West coast too?? Or insomniac?? lol

And yes, I agree. Anyone he dates is going to get nasty, ugly hate. It's sad. He gives a lot to a ton of people and has for years and years. He's almost 27! - wish people would embrace him finding a girl to love instead of hating just the idea of it. 

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:37:08
Reply-to:Shes a model and has been for years. Shes not using her relationship with him or friendship either (which way you look at it) to do nothing other than earn a living.Whatever they are I just wish people would quit dumping on her. Shes done nothing wrong.

Sadly people are going to dump on anyone he dates. She probably knows this and doesn't give a crap because at the end of the day it's just jealousy and she is the one with him.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:23:35
He was only traded because of his ego.

Love and miss the Gronk, but he made his own bed. 
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:21:44
Reply-to:People do know that he was traded, yes? It wasnt his decision in the end - he didnt come to one before it was decided for him. But it seemed pretty clear that he wouldnt be in a Penguins jersey much longer.
The Pens offered him a hella sweet deal, not much different than Carolina. He declined and therefore he was traded. They tried but he was pecking at someone within the organization to suck his ..... ;) - and give him the status he thought he deserved.
He played a hand that Pittsburgh wasn't willing to throw theirs into anymore. And it's a shame - great player, just got ego-lost in a super-star shuffle.
He's no Geno or Sid and he has now shown why.

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:14:45
People do know that he was traded, yes? It wasn't his decision in the end - he didn't come to one before it was decided for him. But it seemed pretty clear that he wouldn't be in a Penguins jersey much longer.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:13:07
And since he's been traded, he's been a disappointment.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:11:55
From what I know the contracts weren't that far off. 

Loved the guy, and kinda understand, but he was really talented and it looks like he got tired being shuffled down over the "super stars".

Not gonna berate him, but I really do wonder if he regrets it already.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:06:48
She's a model and has been for years. She's not using her relationship with him or friendship either (which way you look at it) to do nothing other than earn a living.

Whatever they are I just wish people would quit dumping on her. She's done nothing wrong.

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:04:46
Sasky, regarding Jordan Staal: he still was shocked by the trade. 

He said he wasn't even sure at that point if he wanted to play in Carolina with his brother. Him turning down a long-term deal one year removed from free agency before the trade doesn't mean he wouldn't have agreed to a 1-2 year extension. 

Shero's decision was still very good, though. J.Staal clearly felt deserving of more money/playtime than a 3rd-line center gets.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:00:57
Reply-to:Do you think kathy doesnt do social media per side request... even.if she isnt into thats stuff herself usually they do maintain those websites.for their careers... wonder why she doesnt.

She probably doesn't because of Sid. She probably gets asked way too many questions and possibly gets a ton of hate for dating him.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T23:00:20
Reply-to:Why doesnt she though.. it is really good for exposure ... especially wince she doesnt use Sid in that way its weird that she doesnt do.all these things
Actually, if she did do that or any other girl for that matter then it would be the clincher for Sid.
Nada, no thanks, and go away.

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:57:02
Reply-to:Why doesnt she though.. it is really good for exposure ... especially wince she doesnt use Sid in that way its weird that she doesnt do.all these things
I have no clue Vet. He himself isn't on social media, neither are his dad, mom, or sister. 
I know it's weird to people, but some of us can't stand social media and I'm not even famous.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:54:06
Reply-to:Awww the one on Sids left has his hands in his pockets...
Lol, cute.
I get why Sid puts his hands in his pockets but never get why a lot of people call him awkward when doing it?? 
He handles himself extremely well in public. He isn't awkward at all.

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:53:56
Why doesn't she though.. it is really good for exposure ... especially wince she doesn't use Sid in that way its weird that she doesn't do.all these things
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:46:23
I have no idea. Don't know anything about her but maybe.

I do remember that a poster use to point out that she is using Sid to further her career, lol. If she was, then she'd have all social media accounts firing day and night.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:38:04
Do you think kathy doesn't do social media per side request... even.if she isn't into that's stuff herself usually they do maintain those websites.for their careers... wonder why she doesn't.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T22:27:40
Damn this place is dead. C'mon Sid, do something to give us all something to talk about.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:23:39
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:18:24
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:17:39
This man has to have kids, he just loves them!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:15:08
Awww the one on Sid's left has his hands in his pockets...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:11:51
Those flippin' thighs!!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T19:04:33
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T18:37:47
Lol the boy on the left looks miserable!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T18:31:50
Can someone post the picture the link is not working
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T18:27:38

thanks for the link!!


Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T18:13:50
haha this pic is funny. it's reversed... usually he doesnt smile and they do... in this one he is smiling and the boys are like wtf? haha
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T18:00:29
I agree Lucic is a thug on and off the ice
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T17:09:46
And Thornton, but he is gone now.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T17:06:23
The goon on the Bruins is Lucic.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T16:41:53
I've heard that Marchand is an awesome guy off the ice. Most of the "goons" on the ice are the complete opposite off the ice.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T16:29:32
Reply to Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:48:19 GMT >> It is funny Marchand is training with Crosby considering the shit Marchand pulls on the ice. --Sasky
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T16:27:16
Reply to Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 19:22:37 GMT >> I think J-Staal made the right decision for himself and his family at the time. He has a Stanley Cup which is a helluva lot more than dozens and dozens of other NHL players. Correct me if I'm wrong, the Penguins offered him exactly the same the Hurricanes did, and he still said "no thanks." Sometimes family does trump team loyalties and a Stanley Cup. --Sasky
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T16:25:19
Reply to Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:48:31 GMT >> Ooh! You can send it to me on Tumblr! I'll keep it between us. --Sasky
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T15:55:02
Sophomore 17:48 Takes one to know one. Keep your photo; that is if you even have one.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T12:32:30
"Pretty sick when Sidney Crosby and John Tavares are practicing in the same rink as you"

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T12:22:37
Wonder if staalsy regrets it? Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T12:14:04
Couldn't agree more rookie. They didn't even make it to the playoffs and he's not playing well.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T11:48:27
I like sutter. He's no Staal but he seems like such a nice guy on and off the ice. I never understood why staal wanted to leave I'm the first place. Leave a cup contender for Carolina. I know, his brother is there but man what a waste of talent.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T11:05:01
yes please share!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T11:01:52
What's the difference between Sid-the-Skidmark and government bonds?
Government bonds will mature someday!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T10:52:55
Please share
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-29T10:48:31
My friend just met Sid and the rest of the guys in Hali... don't know if I should share the photo with you guys, as you've all been quite b*tchy to each other lately
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T10:48:19
Benjamin @PenguinsPride · 4 Min.
Today i watched Sidney Crosby, Jeff Skinner, Brad Marchand, John Tavares, Matt Duchene & Nathan Mackinnon practice... Good day
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T10:27:34
love Sid's smile:)
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T09:09:13
Thanks for the wonderful Sid pics.😜
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T09:07:41
thank the LORD!! Would hate to loose Sutter!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T09:06:17
Crossing fingers about Sutter, and hopefully Stalling as well.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T08:57:51
Some possible good news:
Shelly Anderson ‏@pgshelly 4m
Hearing that #Penguins making progress in talks with RFA Brandon Sutter.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T05:01:13
No, the white headband is not Taylor. Probably a fan.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-29T04:05:57
No, that picture isn't even close to being new. It's really old. Not sure why he tweeted it now? It's not like it's "tbt."
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T00:42:23
Nicol: Audrey i sent you a friend request :)
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T00:37:43

Audrey im not a stalker but i noticed you live in South Florida from kids talking on here..I live in Boca-mz

I live just out side of Boca..small world. Hang out in Boca most of the time...

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-29T00:37:43

Audrey im not a stalker but i noticed you live in South Florida from kids talking on here..I live in Boca-mz

I live just out side of Boca..small world. Hang out in Boca most of the time...

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T00:37:12
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-29T00:36:37
New pic of Sid on Twitter but not sure if it's new?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T20:28:55
nice Sid pics!!:)
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:51:59
If you can find Shea Weber's Hockey Canada photo, it's cute and the hair is out of control.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:10:12
This fall Taylor will be playing for the Huskies.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:10:05
No Vet. All the pictures are old.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:09:01
reply legend 01:03 thanks. someone also posted earlier that is wasn't her.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:03:45
The girl is not Taylor. The pic was taken when Sid watch Taylor's game during the lockout.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:02:17
reply legend 00:25. you're right, all those team Canada headshot looked great! when I saw them I was like, what kind of filter are they using?? I need it in my everyday life!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T18:00:40
I didn't think it was taylor but I wasn't sure. and lol about the hands in his pockets! I would hope he would throw an arm around taylor!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:50:20
Is the last pic a new one???
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:42:10
Legend the more pics the better!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:34:52
Thanks Legend for all the great pics! No apologies necessary. He carries us all away.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:32:22
I've never seen the pic of him skating with the little boy. Thanks for the gorgeous pics!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:30:35
God, that Olympic head shot photo is like modelling. Very handsome.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:25:44

What else did you guys talk about? Any interesting tid bits of info you have for us? Thanks,


Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:25:42
Sophomore 00:22:19 I too love that Team Canada photo. All those Team Canada shots looked good in Sochi. And, no that is not his sister. I would hope he would take his dang hands out of his pockets for his sister!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:22:19
two things, 1) I LOVE his hair in that team Canada headshot pic and 2) is that taylor in that pic with the white headband? she looks to short to be her but i'm not sure. anyone??
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:17:58
Sorry for the overload of pics. Just one last batch. When I start looking at Sid pictures I tend to get a bit carried away

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:14:28

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:05:53
Wohooo! Pic spam! Soooo handsome as always!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:04:01
Ahhhh pic spams. Love them! That face. That skin. Those lips. Those eyes. Ahhhh
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T17:02:09
Wow his eyes in the one with the blue cap!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:56:39
Thank you!!!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:52:20

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:50:27

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:46:56
Here you go Rookie!

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:36:41
Pic spam would be nice!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:36:23
Oh I thought they're married.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:35:14
Yes please.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:32:55
show of hands, who's ready for this to go back to being the sidney crosby board???
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:30:15
She and TJ aren't married, Rookie.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:29:23
Reading through this conversation is weird. Its like playing telephone all the responses are distorted.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:25:02
Vet the photo was a response to the post directly below it. I think that was pretty clear. What are you even talking about? A poster made one comment and mentioned Lauren as an example. Then you went on a tangent defending her as though we were trying to crucify her at the stake. Now, I hope, you're being purposely obtuse and clearly missing point which has been stated at least 6 times here. Its objectification is when the MAJORITY of pictures you post of yourself are sexualized. Im done with this conversation because there's no point in discussing something with someone who can't follow basics points in a post and needs to keep changing them to suit her purposes.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:19:42
TJ Oshie, an overnight team USA hockey hero lol.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:17:36
And she's married.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:16:10
we can't really judge cause we don't know her.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:14:34
but sure even though she's doing that maybe she's a nice person.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:12:31
but yeah she's showing her boobs too much, it's like cover up.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:11:40
You've never taken a photo of your friends and you in bathing suits? Never on the beach or pool side? A lot of people do that innocently, but to you that's still objectification?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:09:29
I'm glad I'm staying out of this discussion so no one bites my head off:)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T16:07:28
What post? You post the photo and ask "what like this one?" That's not anything to respond to. Why single out one girl when there are playboy posing wags? Some that have done massive amounts if drugs, f&$ked men simply for gifts and money to party, yet Lauren is objectifying herself. So it's not acceptable for anyone to feel good about themselves and post a picture in a bikini ever? Or whenever they feel sexy and confident? Even the photos where she's fully clothed are bad? I'm trying to understand your process of thinking. You are basically lumping her in with girls like Esjay and those tramps the single Blackhawks fill their black books with. People ask not to paint everyone with the same stroke but that's doing the same thing. There's a lot of gray area it seems.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:59:37
Who's saying those WAGS aren't ok? I think what theyre saying is that theyre objectifying themselves. Its not a way I would want my daughter or son for that matter to behave. I want them to be proud of their accomplishments not their genetics because me and their dad are actually responsible for how they look not them.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:56:11
I posted the pic and and don't think there's anything wrong with wearing a bikini at the beach. Posting it on instagram however is what I had a problem with. It was in response to your post saying most her posts are just family shots. They are not. Most of her shots are just like the one posted. Nothing in your post is a response to what I actually wrote. Changing the argument when you can't find a way to the actual post is pretty immature.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:55:46
So many NHL weddings this summer, just found out Jefff Carter got married two weeks ago to Megan. Good year for him, Olympic gold, Stanley Cup, and a wedding!! Best to them!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:51:08
Some are just being over critical of her. I would really hate to ask opinions on some of the women who have objectified themselves for Playboy and pose for lingerie and bikini pics for Maxim and the like meant only to get men off. Because there are quite a few who do/did that. Or are those wags ok?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:44:59
i was one of the posters that said and feel that sometimes lauren doesn't wear the most appropriate thing to a certain event. i have no problem with the bathing suit, or any other swimwear for that matter, and i'm not saying she shouldn't wear certain things, what i was saying was there are times when showing a lot of boob is not appropriate like a wedding or christening, thats all. i'm saying there is a time and place for everything.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-07-28T15:38:46
A lot of women wear bathing suits like that. She was on vacation. Why is it a bad thing or inappropriate? I have low cut bikinis. There are women wearing scraps of nylon/spandex that barely cover their nipples and girlies and Lauren gets called inappropriate for a one piece with a deep v? Would a bandeau or halter bikini be better in your eyes or would you rather she wear a 1920s one piece that covered more than a tank top and running shorts? I would think most people wear similar things around the pool. With as cheeky as the bottoms have gotten, Lauren's one piece is nothing inappropriate. She's nursing so her boobs are bigger and she shouldn't talked about like she's some two bit prostitute selling it on the corner. It's like you want her in a turtleneck 24/7.
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