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Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T21:56:09
Reply-to:Are we allowed to ask what said fight was about?....
What fight?

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T21:55:19
Back to back is coming up with Carolina, still is strange and weird since the Jordan trade, but back to backs can be really good games so we will see.
Sad to see Bennett is hurt again. He even deleted his twitter account. Can see why, he probably gets shit thrown his way normally, but because of his injury problems it's magnified. I really feel for the guy.
Just look here and you'll see Sasky making fun of his acne. It's stupid. Hope he recovers and is on the ice soon and his health issues are for once behind him.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T21:51:41
Are we allowed to ask what said fight was about?....
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T21:46:47
Yes, it's not anything news or news "worthy" that Sid is from Canada. People are just wondering, since it's two different countries, what the customs and following are.
No biggie!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T19:35:57
OMG you guys should watch Steve Dangle's LFR video Anaconda (referring to Sid a$$) forward to 5:08!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T19:07:06
Not starting anything a couple of poster mention he's canadian I don't look up IPs so it very well could be one person. I don't have time nor care to start anything with anyone it's a waste of time I just stated what I observed. Anyway moving on...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T19:06:41
Beth is that pghgirl15222 girl on Twitter I think. Her and Sam were flirting last night publicly during the game. She annoying. Sam is hot
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T18:41:53
And by people you mean one crazy rookie? Sounds like your trying to start something.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T17:08:22
Why do ppl keep pointing out that Sidney is canadian really this fact isn't lost upon us...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T17:03:16
I am stickin' to my theory he is a freak in the bed!!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T16:56:59
Really who cares if your Canadian or American?! It's just Thanksgiving. If I were in the states ( I'm Candian) I would have thanksgiving. Mostly for an excuse to have my favorite meal. Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T16:20:39
Oh, ok. Thank you, Rookie:)
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T16:20:07
And LOL. Sid is CANADIAN. And real thanksgiving is in October for them. His mom isn't coming for thanksgiving because it's not their thanksgiving.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T16:18:12
Beth is the reporter for PensTV
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T14:57:09
How does she have no boundaries? I think they are friends ?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T14:52:25
Rookie, who is Beth? Honestly, dont know
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T14:43:23
Did u ladies see that Beth bitch flirting with Inside Scoop Sam on Twitter. She has no boundaries
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T14:13:24
guess the meds wore off.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T13:44:06

thanks for the link!!


Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T12:53:32
Oh great... Here we go again.....
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-27T10:30:11
Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours to the South!:)
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T08:25:24
Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T07:28:15
Happy American Thanksgiving!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T07:27:31
Robert Forbes
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T06:31:56
reply vet 12:24 why do you think sid's uncle is there?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-27T04:24:08
Who is Sids uncle? Just curious, that's great he got to watch his nephew get to 800 pts. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and to all that will be celebrating regardless of country!!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T04:05:43
Congrats to Sid getting his 800th point! 💖
So glad he got it with a win! 👍
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T03:55:40
Happy Thanksgiving USA!!! 🇺🇸
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-27T01:01:03
SID s uncle was at the game
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-11-26T22:20:50
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Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2014-11-26T22:20:37
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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T21:14:51
I agree that Sid would probably be at around 1000 points if not for injuries. Congrats on your 800th point Sid!:) Yay to the Pens for winning a close one!- Montreal poster:)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T20:50:25
Probably 1000 by now soph. It's unfortunate. Sid is amazing!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T20:28:24
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:49:33
Scary how many points he could I had without the concussion etc
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:46:22
Wow it's insane that he's the six fastest player to reach 800 points with all the injuries that he's been through. He's that crazy good eh?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:33:29
Wohooooo! 800 points for
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:28:24
Hey 3:21! Can you stop trolling all the boards!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:27:41
Yay!!!! Go Sid...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:21:11
Nicol: oh Aubrey you are sooo lucky girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T19:20:34
Yay Sid got his 800 pts!!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T18:50:27
I can't believe it but the Leafs actually showed up tonight
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T18:04:38
Come on Sid get your 800!!!!!!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T17:33:42
Probably... because Trina's brother lives in Toronto.
Reply-to:They were in Toronto for Canadian thanksgiving right? I remember a tweet that Trina and Troy were both there at the same time.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T16:39:51
does anyone have a good link to a root sports stream?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T16:25:18
Live stream information for tonight's Penguins and Leafs game ( --Sasky
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:38:35
They were in Toronto for Canadian thanksgiving right? I remember a tweet that Trina and Troy were both there at the same time.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:34:38
I agree rookie. I went to school in California and I went home with some friends cause the dorms are just depressing when empty. I did like the shopping though.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:29:31
spoke too soon. looks like it is turning into a us vs. canada thing. like I posted earlier, when I was at NU the Canadian players spent thanksgiving with players who lived close enough to go home for the day (the guys on the mean from mass.) I would bet that is what she did.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:25:31
I don't think anyone is making it a canada vs. usa thing.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:24:49
Well she has the option of flying in it's not as if he lives in California so it's possible either way. But she may stay he did visit her when he was in town Taylor could spend time with her friends. But being canadian wouldn't play a role it's a holiday about being thankful more than about being American that's reserved for the 4th
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-26T13:17:37
That would be going to visit their kids though not going to the US to celebrate thanksgiving. I've been to a fourth of july party in the states but for me it was just a party. Can we not make this a whole US vs Canada thing?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T12:49:15
actually since taylor in an in-season athlete she may not have time to go to pittsburgh since practice probably resumes right after thursday. I know when I went to NU the hockey players from mass. would each take a couple of Canadians home for thanksgiving so they wouldn't be alone in the dorms with crappy food. my guess is she's probably staying in boston.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T12:36:42
They may be Canadians but both of their children live here in the states. So you can't say for sure that they wouldn't be here for this Thanksgiving.
Sid said himself, who is Canadian, that he is lucky enough to celebrate both Thanksgivings. If he is celebrating it, and Taylor is off, maybe they will celebrate it together.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T11:29:58
They're Canadian so they would have celebrated thanksgiving in October. Maybe they're visiting Taylor since she's off.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T11:27:03
Wonder if his parents and sister are in town this week for thanksgiving and the games I assume Taylor school will be on a break
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T11:05:16
The article about him was right. Since we know so little about him fans will pick up on any little thing to make him more like they want him to be.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T11:01:24
He's been making the sign of the cross during the anthem since he was a child. No one has any way of knowing if thats religious or part of a superstition. I don't think it would be in any way disrespectful either way.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T07:34:02
Yeah! GO PENS!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T05:06:35
In other news: I'm glad it's Game Day!! Beat the Leafs!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-26T05:00:40
I agree Rook 12:38 Sidney doesn't strike me as a fake person or someone that would disrespect religion in that way. Being religious doesn't mean you're a bible toting fanatic ppl have a private relationship with God doesn't mean they're without sin.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-26T04:38:34
He always has his head down during the anthem then signs himself after. Being private as he is and everything is scrutinized, i doubt he would do that unless he was religious. I dont know if trina is a practicing catholic, but his grandmother seemed very involved in church so it wouldnt surprise me if he considers himself catholic
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T20:17:35
Rookie 05:41:49 & Sasky - if you buy the Apple TV box, Game Center is on there and all you have to do is sign in. That's how I watch it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T20:09:19
does anybody know what time the players usually leave from their hotels during away game? (going to game in carolina on saturday) also anyone know what hotel they stay at ?! thanks!!!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T19:52:21
Come on guys keep on voting Sid for All Star (as if he's not gonna make it) I just can't stand Subban as first Sid comes second.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-25T18:48:29
Don't jump to conclusions. Just because you see him do something on TV doesn't necessarily transition to his personal life.
Reply-to:Sid seems like a old fashioned moral guy! Maybe he is religious

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T18:13:16
Nicol: Audrey i sent you a friend request :)
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T17:30:19
Ya and u dont have to be religious to be moral either
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T17:27:58
You don't have to be religious to be moral. Lots of religious people are not moral.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T17:22:21
Sid seems like a old fashioned moral guy! Maybe he is religious
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T16:31:06
well his line wasn't exactly put back together. I mean he didn't play with kunitz, so his line was only partially put back together.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T14:40:21
I don't think its a coincidence that he stopped scoring when they changed his line and then scored again once they put it back together. I think anyone would have a slump if you were playing with Horny and then expected to play with Commeau.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T14:23:08
Pens fans are the best!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T10:59:52
Nicol: LMAO xD xD xD
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-25T10:19:47
I'm glad Sidney answered all his critics last night with 1 goal and 2 assist. I'm even more glad that he isn't injured or sick he was just in a little funk I guess.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T10:15:57
Nicol: can i add you amh?? :) i love new friends on myspace
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T09:18:13
Reply-to: oh really?? i heard it was because of his huge horse cokc!!!

The one in his ass, or the one in his mouth?


Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-25T08:28:28
Maybe... we know his family is Catholic. But who knows? I think its one of the things he likes to keep private.
Reply-to:I know he does the whole cross thing during the anthem, but is sidney really religious?

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-25T08:02:58
I know he does the whole cross thing during the anthem, but is sidney really religious?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T05:02:34

What else did you guys talk about? Any interesting tid bits of info you have for us? Thanks,


Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T02:10:31
Omg X we are learning so much about Sid, It is great!!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-25T00:13:32
hi ladies!

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T22:51:52
So then you must think that Matt Cooke is the same with his family as he is on the ice? How about Chara?Do you think he must sucker punch his neighbours if they don't return his lawn mower? Or do these things you imagine only apply to Sid?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T22:42:23
I think dupuis was joking about the black cat. His teammates joke about how crazy his super stituons are.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T22:38:30
OCD and being superstitious are not even remotely the same thing and it's ridiculous to say so. Most players have a lot of superstitions. Do you think every goalie in the NHL has OCD? Really the things some people say.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:59:40
Something's are over analyzed like tweets from seemingly fake accounts but the whole controlling IMO was more opinion from what you've gathered from following Sid for a short or long period of time. Of course we will never know how he is at home I don't think Sid will ever do a reality tv show about his life.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:41:49
Exactly Sasky! I do run my gamecenter via an HDMI cable into TV but it's choppy. Is there a better way? I'm not too techie.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:33:43
If people don't like the "over-analyzing" stuff why do they keep coming back here? Surely by now they'd figure out that's the M.O. When it comes to Crosby whether on or off the ice, no? --Sasky
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:29:25
Reply to Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 25 Nov 2014 03:04:24 GMT >> Just curious but did you say you watch NHL Game Center via hooking your laptop to the television? --Sasky
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:27:26
You guys are over-analizing everything!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:25:47
Two headed monster was on fire tonight!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:22:12
Reply to Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 25 Nov 2014 05:06:01 GMT >> I don't know if he was joking but didn't Dupuis say once he got a black cat for his family that Crosby stopped visiting coz he has a superstition about black cats? I think based on the superstitions and stuff like that Crosby has a bit of OCD which would also transfer to his home life. I dunno but it seems he might like things in an orderly and scheduled way. --Sasky
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:18:58
Awesome Crosby got.a goal and two assists versus Bruins! That team is a tough one for him like the Flyers. And Malkin! This is OT but one of the Bruins, J-Morrow, was one of the guys in the B-Morrow trade back then and he also was coached by Coach J with the Winterhawks. Him and D-Pouliot were the best d-pairing in the WHL for a while. Too bad Penguins traded him as that would have been cool to see J-Morrow and D-Pouliot reunited on the d-line under Coach J. I still think the best defenseman in the entire CHL is better than the ones on the Penguins save for Maatta and Letang. --Sasky
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:12:13
reply rookie 04:46 "he is very much it is his way"?? what does that even mean?? he has superstitions, probably every pen has their own superstitions as do most athletes pro or not as do many sports fanatics. the only reason we know so much about his is because he's written about more than most nhl'ers so it's well documented. to leap from superstitious to "controlling" in his private life is a pretty big leap. honestly, the comments on this board are too much sometimes....
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T21:06:01
Everyone has a work life and a private life. We don't know what he's like at home.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:46:17
He is very much it is his way.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:43:45
His superstitions. How he likes things a certain way. No one can touch his stick. His routines are very strict.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:43:43
Controlling is only in some fanfics! Lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:36:12
controlling how? just curious since no one here actually knows him so it seems weird to say that.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:34:35
I've wondered that as well I'm sure he is somewhat controlling I just hope it's not extreme.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:29:21
I wonder if he's controlling. Like cus of his superstitions. I wonder if he would be extreme in wanting things a certain way.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:27:41
He has a dark side. He's an emotional guy and you see it on the ice when he's frustrated.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:15:17
Yeah, there has to be something!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:09:58
I like good wholesome Sid he's a breath of fresh air from other athletes/famous ppl. But I do wonder if he has a dark side.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:07:57
Lol he could be (arrogant asshole) but it's hard to hide that he's been in the spotlight his whole life it seems but I'm sure he has bad days when he wants to yell wouldn't blame him if he did crack every so often.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:04:49
I wish i'd hear of him cheating or something. Then I'd be over him haha
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:04:21
yeah, haha... Cus Sid looks all great but no one really knows the real him. So I've tried telling myself he can be an arrogant asshole haha
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:01:47
A girl can dream rookie. Just think of him as Sid.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T20:01:08
Sidney Crosby had a five-game point drought from Oct. 31-Nov. 10, 2009, per@SportsnetTicker, and hasn't let one get past two since.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T19:53:19
Like, he loves me and treats me so well. I'm truly lucky. But I can't help but wish it was Sid instead.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T19:50:43
I have such a crush on Sid, that it makes me not want to date my bf.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T19:28:14
Yay! 3 points for Sid and 300th win for Flower!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T19:04:24
It was great to actually watch the game on the network tonight. I have gamecenter but find it pretty choppy going from computer to TV. The game against Toronto should be a good one too.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T18:53:06
Sid got the assist. 1G 2A for the night. Think he silenced the critic tonight!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T18:50:30
Who assisted Geno's OT goal?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T18:42:24
Pens Win!! Good job tonight
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T18:15:36
Sid has 2 points so far!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:55:25
Agree, it is an adorable pic Soph. Ab
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:54:46
They play amazing hockey, not sure what that comment means. Ab
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:46:46
This was from tumblr

I think this is a cute pic of Sidney
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:41:12
reply rookie 01:12 I think the fact that they all made it to the nhl means they "can play hockey".
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:39:45
Bennett looks hurt again! Went to the locker room omg not again!!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T17:12:47
ohhh no... its like there is a loosing streak over the guys.. they need to win tonight, to show that they can play hockey
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T16:17:39
go sid!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T16:16:17
Sid scored!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T16:11:01
the booty in that gif. yowza.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T15:58:28
Live stream information for tonight's Penguins and Bruins game ( --Sasky
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T15:53:37
Does anyone have the link for tonight's game?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T14:43:40
Get a goal tonight Sid please!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T13:26:19
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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T11:04:35

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T11:03:04


Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T11:01:31
The one below his parents is so sexy he does the smoldering look perfectly.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T11:01:03
I wonder what he thinks of the huge impact he has on kids? Must be quite the feeling. He's every little hockey players hero. Ab
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T10:58:21
I hope those pics brings a good luck and Sid rack up points!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T10:53:28
This one though.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T10:51:27
Pic spam cause it's been a while!

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T10:19:19

The real problem was - as usual! - that  Sid didn't have the correct wingers. Sid played very well when Hornqvist was on his line, so it looks like Johnston returned to that. So I'm guessing that Kunitz will skate with Malkin?

Reply-to:I havent been able to read here much. Is there actual serious worry about Sids wrist or just speculation because he isnt lighting it up every single night? Ab

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T10:01:00
Yea horny is back with Sid!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T09:56:13
Sorry to bother you ladies but a girl I follow on tumblr has a lot about some Sam Kasan from the Penguins on there. Who is he? Does he know the players?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T09:46:53
I haven't been able to read here much. Is there actual serious worry about Sids wrist or just speculation because he isn't lighting it up every single night? Ab
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-24T09:43:55
Horny, Sid and Spalling in the first line. I'm glad Horny is back with Sid. Hopefully they win tonight!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T09:14:09
Ah, Vancouver as made her return the board!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T08:32:19
He hasn't scored in 2 games! Big deal!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-24T08:25:03
Maybe he has a girl in his life and he's distracted
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T08:06:41
Here we go. One of hundreds what's wrong with Sid articles.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T07:27:01
It's a hockey night!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-24T04:28:06
The favorite cereal thing was taped during media week. sid is wearing the same shirt in the cereal, NHL 15 and Kathryn tapped interview
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T23:04:16
Bye and thanks again Audrey!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T22:08:21
This is awesome!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T20:50:39
Is that favorite cereal of NHL players vignette old? Sid liking Capt. Crunch. I didn't believe him when he said he didn't eat it anymore. Lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T18:38:23
Most Sid fans are spoiled. Guy is the best player in the NHL and a few games without scoring...everyone goes bonkers. Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T18:06:07
Yea that's what I figured!! I know he won by a lot of points last year but I just wasn't sure if he wasALWAYS like 17 points ahead of everyone or if there were periods (like now) where he's a few behind!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T18:04:06
He had a little bit of a funk last year too. It will pass and he will be lighting it up again!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T17:50:17
Oh Im not sure that wasntreally what I was referring too.. But ok
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T17:38:18
Didn't he score a couple of games ago? Ab
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T17:29:58
(New sid/penguins fan here) random question but in past years when sid was healthy all season did he dominate the scoring race all year or was it up and down until it got further in the season? I just don't get why people are freaking out about him having a few rough games lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T17:16:36
Probably someone who posts on here also....
You know...Sid getting engaged, married this summer, and all the other nonsense.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T16:35:23
lol... after people on here said that the maui_luvn girl who tweeted about sid was fake & they found her photo on google reversed images she changed her twitter photo... How much more obvious can a fake account get, also seems like she must be someone who checks this board...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T16:16:42
Rookie, totally agree about shayla's stories. They keep getting better and better. LOVE the new one
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T14:18:40

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T14:16:51
Not digging the mustache ethier! I like the clean cut sid
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T14:14:02
Sid will be fine with the points. Will catch back in a hurry!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T13:37:19
Another pic!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:50:36
Sid meets the NU mascot! Haha
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:47:35
can some post the pic? i'm on my phone and can't click on link :(
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:44:19
Sid is in NU! It's awesome that he's visiting Taylor!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:37:40
Nicol: can i add you amh?? :) i love new friends on myspace
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:22:27
Thank goodness November is almost ending. Sid cannot pull the mustache look. Lovely initiative, but he doesn't look good.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:21:29
Sid is now third in points. Ugh. I hope he rack up points tmr!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T12:02:58
NU is playing a game in their home arena right now so it could very well be true. I think she's injured so she probably isn't playing though.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T11:54:37
Don't know for sure if this is true or not, but someone on Twitter said that Sid was at one of Taylor's games??
Is Taylor playing at home, does anyone know?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T09:20:53
Could be all his suits look the same to me I wouldn't expect Sid to wear anything like PK did at the awards, although PK wears the color red very well.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T09:18:35
There are many photos (of which I don't know how to post) of Sid and you can see the boxer line. One that comes to mind is in Carolina bent over signing for a kid and you can really see the line. I think in one pic of jeans you can see the line too.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T08:51:55
Is it really a boxer or just his pants? I can't tell.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T08:28:50

Nicol: oh i love ya Audrey!!! :)

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T07:50:29
Isn't that the suit he wore to the awards? haha
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T07:48:25
The fanfic staring the chef Lou is really good btw thanks to whoever provided the link.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T07:44:07
It's not analyzing his undies just curious what y'all thought, it's not like one is btr than the other it reminded me of the old MJ (Michael Jordan) commercial. Just wanted to lighten the mood after a loss geez guess it's the no fun board.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T07:34:27
I give Sid so much credit for posing in all these photos knowing that they are going to end up on here and he will have even his choice of underwear analyzed !
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-23T07:28:14
Thank you for the Google search tip! Amazing what you can find!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-23T04:25:16
Looking at the fan pic, the one with the guy in the blue shirt and the slight strain on Sids pants in the groin area, makes me wonder if Sidney is a boxer or brief kind of guy? Any thoughts? I'm gonna say combo boxer/brief.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-23T00:55:32
decent fanfic
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T22:42:53

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T22:39:40
The author shayla writes good stories. I will always love you crosby is a sequel to chasing cat. Okay...this is my stupid guilty pleasure I take as a break from an insanely crazy life...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T22:27:53
Go to fanfiction (google it) Search for Sidney Crosby..there are a ton! You can read for weeks.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T21:39:23
New pics!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T21:11:28
There's a new fan pic of Sid on HCC Tumblr. He looks fine and sharp! He's also holding 2 water bottles haha
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:47:08
He's gonna have stretches where things aren't going his way, it isn't a biggie.

Happens every year. People are just too use to him dominating. He's human. Nothing to worry about, Will happen again.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:27:32
Rookie, where do you find those other stories? Do you have links?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:15:57
I like his facial hair than mustache. He's getting older, but it's still pretty much the same lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:11:33
There are a lot of fanfics right now.
Would you Stay, Then and Now, Cry to Me, Suddenly I see, and I will always love you crosby. They are all in process and update pretty regularly. All are pretty good
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:05:22
If it is he needs to shave ASAP. But hopefully it's just a funk I agree btr now than in playoffs. If he is sick hope he gets btr soon playing with a cold can't be fun.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:04:09
Thank goodness November is almost over!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T20:00:47
That mustache must be his kryptonite.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:44:35
That fan fic is delightful!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:44:32
Same here, but I hope he's not. Maybe he's just having one of those bad games. 3 points behind the Flyer guy is not that bad.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:39:57
Tbh id rather him injured now, early in the season, than playoffs...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:28:33

Nicol: * Audrey

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:08:20
Nah prob just in a funk.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T19:08:16
I hope not!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:49:48
Just read Yohe's twitter I've also notice Sidney isn't looking to shoot the puck, I wonder if he's injured?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:35:49
Yea it's in Boston
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:34:28
Are the Pens playing in Boston? I wonder if Taylor's watching.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:33:12
I hope the coach put back Horny to Sid. Comoeu can't keep up with Sid.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:32:44
I have too many bruin fans friends I don't want to hear their mouths Pens need to win that game for me lol.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:30:48
4-1 Isles. I'm done. They freakin needs to play on Monday against Bruins not like this.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:29:46
Now 4-1 wow just completely out played tonight well they all can't be pretty.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:27:33
But Horn was playing well with Sid first! :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:25:36
Horny's playing well with Geno though.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:25:24
Downie is there to protect the players not take needless penalties. Hopefully the coaches slaps some sense into him.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:24:49
Downie's so stupid!!! We're losing. Come in Pens!!!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:23:43
Downie is getting on my last nerve if you're going to take a penalty take one of their players with u to the penalty box.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:22:09
Maybe Sid is sick he isn't getting much playing time to get into a rhythm. I agree Horny needs to move back to Sids line.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:19:12
Ugh Downie started it!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:17:14
This game is just a mess. Heartbreaking.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:16:50
This is horrible islanders are just out playing Pens.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:16:11
I think I just heard Bob Errey say Sid has a touch of the flu. I could have misheard him. Did not have the tv up real loud.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:06:07
Go on Yohe's twitter for some interesting thoughts. I hope his wrist is not bothering him.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:04:48
2-1 Isles. Great! Ugh
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:04:23
And the f*ck does Malkin always get the top winger?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T18:02:37
If they wouldn't keep changing Sid's winger, maybe he'd be doing better (although I think he's playing well despite not scoring every night). He had Hornqvuist, Duper and now Comeau all within the past 6 or so games.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:51:45
Maybe it's his mustache lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:48:11
Usually after two pointless games he bounce back big time! Now it's like meh. Come on Sid!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:43:37
Hes now three points behind Voracek for the lead in points.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:42:34
He's a little off. I hope he gets one tonight.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:41:20
That's what I said the other night. Seems like he's in a drought.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:39:52
Isn't that about the time they took Hornquist off his line?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:33:48
I know Jordan it's strange!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T17:27:40
Sid has been playing like crap since the 5 assist game he had against Buffalo. Doesn't want to shoot the puck, turnovers, bad passes...looks a mess.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:41:05
Reply-to:Its by the writer who did The Forgotten One - its called Will You Stay. Im sooo hooked. She updates a few times a week too!
Whats the link?

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:18:28
Yeah, I think it's someone trying to get traction about the "Sid on a date" tweet.
Reply-to:That Maui twitter is so fake. The pic she is using is fake too. Google image reverse is your friend

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:16:02
That Maui twitter is so fake. The pic she is using is fake too. Google image reverse is your friend
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:14:18
I don't know, there's a million twitter accounts just like it.
Reply-to:That maui_luvn girl seems to be a HUGE fan

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:10:57
That maui_luvn girl seems to be a HUGE fan
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:08:43
Any recent sightings of sid?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T16:00:43
Haha - I know what you mean. She updates almost everyday though so it's like my Sid soap opera!
Reply-to:I read fanfics when the story is over. Its easier that way.

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T15:20:50
I hope the Pens bounce back tonight!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2014-11-22T14:47:11
reply soph 22:34 thanks soph!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T14:39:41
I read fanfics when the story is over. It's easier that way.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2014-11-22T14:34:53
It's by the writer who did The Forgotten One - it's called Will You Stay. I'm sooo hooked. She updates a few times a week too!
Reply-to:yeah, which fan fic. there are hundreds. can you be more specific??

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T13:53:47
New pic!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T13:52:28
There's a fanfic about one of the one direction guys that's going to be a movie!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2014-11-22T13:46:26
LOL, you'd be shocked at the amount of slash there is online. People have a lot of imagination and free time. There are some good Crosby fics out there. As for Sid dating or not... guy is super private, but he ain't celibate. As long as everyone is cool with the situation, good for him.
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