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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-18T12:25:47
She is the same as TJ lmao
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-18T12:21:33
I did like FL and was hoping to see more of her, but if all that comes of it is to humiliate and alienate the dirt rag, I’m good with that as well.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T12:14:18
Why is Cali so defensive of FL when she is obviously just another thirsty insta hoe. Really weird actually. lmao
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T12:12:31
I can't stand FL either
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-18T07:52:05
Thank you GoodLife I just read that about concert I interesting
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T07:45:50
The Diplo concert along with the entire Block Party festival was cancelled. The reason given was management said it couldn't go on as planned, whatever that means.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-18T07:38:44
Oh wow I didn’t know that about the concert
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T07:27:44
That's what I thought too, but I hadn't heard if that was official. He's got his Pro-camp on Saturday though.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-18T07:05:46
They canceled that, I thought.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-18T06:28:51
I think that Diplo concert is this weekend
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-18T06:28:15
I think when that cover was shot he was in Miami with Danny practicing I remember them tagging him
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T05:48:41
21:58 - Bwahahahaha. Totally agree with this one Vet. He really does have crap taste in women in general.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-18T05:46:55
Vet, let me start by saying I don't care for FL. I don't find her remotely attractive, and I think she is the same type of insta skank as the rest of them. That said, I think the reason people made a bit of a big deal over the whole thing (myself included) was more about the fact that it came off hilarious to be sticking it to Dusty, whom most of this board despises. Two years of "dating" and hooking up, and then randomly, he publicly takes some other chick out. LOL. I personally never thought it was anything but a hook up, and I do think it's fair to say that maybe it wasn't FL getting all pissy over the way he was on the trip. Maybe, as some have said, they didn't connect very well, they weren't compatible, or, perhaps both of them took it for what it was in just a weekend of casual hooking up. As for whether she behaves the same on social media, I think to be fair, most of us have been observing Dusty for nearly two years now so we know all the shady crazy shyt she has done. With FL, the majority of us only have a few weeks under our belt in watching her stories and so forth. So, while she may not be as bad "yet", doesn't mean she wouldn't fall right into the same way as Dusty did. I think they are both in love with themselves on social media and act like idiots, but that is probably true of many.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-18T04:55:30
Yeah, he’s pissed to be shooting a magazine cover. Lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T23:49:15
I think he looks downright awful in those pics. Between the bags under his eyes, the expression where he almost looks like he's in pain, just a bunch of lousy pics of him. Usually he looks so much better. His face is puffy. Looks almost like he's pi$$ed to be there, very strange appearance totally unlike him to me.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T22:21:58
How about JE just has shitty taste in women, and we all can agree and get along? LOL.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T21:37:28
Well, it was kind of a big deal for him, but only because it wasn't something we had seen from him in a long time. But I was more thrilled that he took someone that wasn't TJ to it, since TJ was in the immediate area of Boston that weekend, I think just about everyone figured TJ was going to it. Hell I would have been just as thrilled if he had taken even Molly to it lmao! I think just about everyone on here realizes that any woman that comes into his life right now, is not going to be anything more than a hook up type scenario, which is fine since thats all that he wants right now. Until he's ready to settle down, we're going to get these types of girls in his life. At least he's staying away from the dust rag.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T21:24:08
It was a fuss as some on this boards were saying what a big deal it was for her to go to the ceremony. And this is not to hate on Cali but you made a huge deal of her going and so far it was just another hook up. And FL is very fake she is posting burgers fries and ice cream and from her pictures you can clearly tell she isn’t eating it. She is anorexic and you can actually see her ribs out of her stomach. She should actually try reality some time.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T21:09:19
Lmao, I totally agree with you Toto.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T21:00:17
Lol. They and a million other women post the same things on ig. But to say it's the exact same thing and not acknowledge that they go to completely different extremes? I truly don't get that.
I don't understand the fuss and extreme hate either. He took her to an event and it was a casual thing. Is he normally careful not to be photographed with a hookup? Yes. But he's definately made sure since TJ's last visit to post women in his stories. It's all hookups at this point
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:55:08
Think telephone kids books was his truth days each by baby days new place part help pay cover hospital
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:53:47
Payed bowling lanes in snapon
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:52:35
Town Algona want him tell fact bout baby am day put adult way days go by them Other partying lake carry her skinny girl before baby born
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:31:51
Do not forget was there as rock Dwayne Johnson at Brooke Hogan ok smartass iowas
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:30:35
Yah hell that give me stomp mud whole walk it dry . ask Brooke Hogan in Iowa at yah rock Dwayne Johnson worn fun happy days thur go by FAN Joann in Akron Armstrong yah fgure read me listen up ask by cry baby got it yet blood B AIDS HIV yo honey as Andre Davis member me potato as Ames in Olympics hell say to fuk what oh boo ah fuk hell no hell u know pork chop truth turn bad nwo black white then red black days water in Hulk face yah not all sweetie did rock Dwayne Johnson did spit pie say juice drink milk shakes bring back yo say here man ah oh now got kids how go when birth Brooke first lady ask open like flat out straight say hey yo Brooke honey Hogan got tongue in Miami or in California badass lady got hurt by lover ass candy line road county groove window arm out say like right here up days hold up get good man gay not it right we no liesban I'm Rock Dwayne Johnson had hippy days ma'am like it that look it hot aint it look like u mine of Carolina thur no joke how that go
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:28:19
Toto both FL and TJ post the same things in their daily lives and are made from the same cloth. Looking at how the both act in their stories and on IG is like looking at the same woman. I understand the dislike for TJ because of what she did with JE but in all fairness FL and TJ are the same in all other aspects of their lives. Some on here assumed it was FL who didn’t like JEs behavior in Israel well for all we know JE didn’t find common ground with her or there was no connection sexually. So much was made of him bringing her to that ceremony and literally the next weekend he was with Nicole and has been seen getting cozy with other woman. I just don’t see all the fuss over FL.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:24:22
44:42- I'm going to agree to disagree. Like I said, there are levels. And I do not think that FL has come close to TJ's level. And there are so many examples of this. Everyone has their own opinion
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:21:08
August 20 th WWE in siouxland Monday night Raw ..
Why threw water at him Hulk back in WWE yah baby
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:18:46
And nothin Hurd it by Knox to Hulk by him Rock Dwayne Johnson has yet birth any kids not do yet watch to learn it tis sat by Hulk say no not yet listen up fan say it Hogan as Brooke date want white thing lady
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:17:16
Tell rock dwayne Johnson not do aint aither no kids yet as Hulk
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:16:26
WWE in siouxland Monday night Raw bout Sundance to Rumors and
Ladders Chairs and Handicap Match
Breakup them families truth with the rock Dwayne Johnson by at put to town as was want family here by them guess Cantu FAN kid caught by Hulk watch learn it that too here
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T20:04:19
I agree Toto.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:48:41
Some Dixie chick carry me home song they sing
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:48:34
Those two would be great friends lol. Totally cut from the same cloth. JE is an idiot.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:47:23
All I wantta do celebrate here siouxland blackbirds casino..
Oh by way burger king has Taco 🌮 NOW at for 1 dollar
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:46:29
FL is totally full of herself. She even calls herself a babe. What a weirdo. only a narcissist would do that
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:44:42
Toto I think she is
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:29:16
Did anyone see the warnings on the aging app? It’s actually a Russian owned Corp stealing your contact and personal information
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T19:18:37
I feel like you can say that half the wannabes on ig are cut from the same cloth. But after seeing TJ's posts, stories, and snaps, I disagree that they are they same. I guess I can say similar, yet so different. TJ is so much more over the top, in your face, smug, narcissistic. A lot of her stories have just been crazy. The eyeball closeups, the several lurch dancing posts, the resort laundry room stripping fiasco, the teary baseboard, etc. I think the only reason TJ doesn't have a strip game video, is because she wasn't asked! They are just 2 completely different levels to me. And no, I'm not an FL fan. But I definately do not agree that she's as bad as TJ
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:57:47
Never mind came back up
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:51:00
I was having trouble but mine just came back up.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:47:22
IG has changed again!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:47:09
It’s down. Again
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:46:03
IG is down I think ?? Anyone else having trouble
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:34:22
I don’t follow why if you have a negative opinion about one person based on their behavior, you’re supposed to hate everyone that’s in the same line of work.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:15:15
I will admit I am guilty of following people I despise. I do follow TJ but only just glance at her stories. I can't bring myself to ever listen to her. I do still follow HH but can't remember the last time I clicked on one of her stories. Life is so much better that way. I even follow AL and cant stand her either. LOL. I think I need to clean out my insta.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T15:02:09
We are not saying one weekend versus a year. We already said FL was better in dealing with JE than TJ. Just saying FL and TJ are made from the same cloth just look at their daily lives and postings it’s the same.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:50:25
You can like FL or not but to equate one weekend with a year and a half of being underhanded is nuts to me.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:35:32
Wow, Legend, you are something else today girl. The only one I really hate on is TJ, with good reason. Not sure why I piss you off today, but cool lmao.
And Vet, I think of FL as another ig model, not a real one like GB or AL.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:32:01
Cali you are a joke lmao. You are one of the biggest haters on here
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:15:35
Cali I didn’t take offense to the question you asked. I don’t follow any of those girls like I said but you do tend to defend FL when she exhibits a lot of the same behaviors as TJ. I know you are glad he is with anyone but TJ however FL isn’t much better just think we should judge fairly. And FLclaims to be a Real Model not just an IG model. Most real models don’t do naked full frontal photos just to have online or get naked on YouTube. But yes if you consider her an IG model then she is in line with what the others do.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:13:31
And for the record, I never defended FL for all of her ig posts, I defended her in her actions with JE. But that apparently makes me a shitty person to you.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:12:01
Again Legend, sorry I don't hate someone enough for your liking. Hope you have a nice day there sweetheart.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:11:08
Alright Vet, does FL do some of the same things TJ does? Yes, but so does just about every other model or ig model. I don't care for FL one way or the other, but if someone truly bugged the shit out of me, you can bet I would not be following them on social media. All I did was ask was a simple question as to why someone would follow someone that they clearly hate and it turned into this shit show. Sorry if you took offense to my question, it was an honest question because I don't understand the reasoning there.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:08:20
Oh but you do Cali! You hate TJ enough for everyone even though FL is just the same but you always defend her. Strange.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T14:07:04
48:18- Thank you!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:59:02
I wasn’t referring to you Veteran at all :) there are a couple of posters who act like they know everything and if you don’t agree with them or ylike which girl they like you are wrong. I don’t post often but I read all the time and have for awhile. It is fun but some take it so damn serious and they act like they know it off.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:50:07
Rookie I certainly don’t know JE or what he thinks. I just think it’s fun to talk on what’s going on with the different women.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:48:18
Cali don’t think we are asking you to hate however you do tend to overlook the similarities between her and TJ. I’m not referring to how they act with JE but in their daily lives. All on here bag on TJ for everything on her not just her and how she is with JE. FL is posting the same garbage she does and is just as slutty as TJ.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:46:44
So funny. Those who call out others on here, don’t like being called out themselves. Thought you knew everything about JE and everyone he sleeps with or doesn’t just by social media!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:40:25
Sorry I don't hate someone enough for you guys. Have a great day ladies lmao.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:39:48
What was she thirsty for?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:39:34
TJ hasn't been in his orbit for a while now. What is your obsession with her?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:39:13
Excuse the multiple typos lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:38:54
Oh please. She is just another thirsty one that was obvious
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:38:42
That vet is not me. I don't post from multiple accounts. Sorry Legend. I don't care for FL one way or the other, I was just glad someone finally was able to stick it to TJ.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:36:59
You keep trying to equate a post of a copy cup to pics of him personal space and his person when he was unaware over a long period of time. It’s not the same at all. And the huge difference is he let it out that she was with him that weekend not her. He took her to an event and posed with has as his date. Everyone knew where she was because of him.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:34:37
Vet are you Cali logged out lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:34:11
But she did do something though. She posted from outside his place and on his rooftop trying to get attention. She is just another IG hoe
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:28:08
Maybe because she did nothing but is still getting bashed for some weird reason. Some appear to be trying to dig dirt on her or catch her doing something.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:24:59
Cali the only time it seems to bother you is when FL is brought up. You are very protective of her for some reason. LOL I am not trying to start an argument, I am genuinely curious about this.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:19:11
I try not to hate anyone and I myself don’t follow any of the girls JE is linked with. I’ll check out a story here and there but have no interest in following any of them. They are not interesting to me.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T13:03:23
Can I ask a question, and I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm actually genuinely curious about this. But some of the people on here, seem to have a serious hatred of some that are discussed on here, and for whatever reason feel the need to bash anything and everything that they do on here. My question is if they bug the ever living shit out of you, why are you following them? I personally do not follow CK, HH, AL, TJ and a few others because they bug me, some more than others lmao. And if theres ever a need to check their stories, it's really easy to go and do that. So why subject yourself to their every day lives if you don't like them? It's so much better not hearing the screeching of HH everyday, let me tell you lmao.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T12:55:54
I think he's just a close friend of hers. He's posted a few stories with her and says crap like love you sister and some other things. Nothing that screams out they're hooking up. One of her close friends, I can't remember if its him or not, is actually gay.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T12:47:46
In the FL story, Who is that guy? (The Amaziane mehdi) I think this is the second appearance.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T12:42:55
ER is hawking laser skin treatments. I wonder about the t*t treatments?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T11:53:52
FL story my best friend is better than yours ?? Geez dumb
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T11:19:52
What is that ridiculous expression BFF is making in her new shampoo ad?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T08:49:59
FL is a little mermaid. Awwwww.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T08:49:08
He also had that scarf tied around his neck. That tank top keeps showing up. You know how guys are. They get attached to one piece of clothing and wear it to death. LOL He is good looking no matter what though.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T08:38:16
He did look great. I didn't think his face looked puffy, but I noticed underneath his eyes looked different. Maybe puffy? Maybe he had jet lag or something, but he still looked really good. I wish he would wear things like that! I kind of laughed when he said he's always aware of what he's wearing. His prowling pants and the tank top under a jacket aren't the greatest fashion statements
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T08:23:11
I agree. I thought he looked great.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T07:48:31
I read it and he looks great.I didn't see puffiness at all.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T06:35:58
He didn't look puffy to me. We've seen him look really puffy and I didn't think he looked like that at all. I thought he looked really good.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-17T06:04:12
I didn't see anything puffy. I personally thought he looked great.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T05:59:05
I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures. He definitely looked puffy and that is with professionals working on him.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T05:50:22
It is a great article. It just came to my mind. He still looks great too.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T05:43:05
There’s always a few negative commentors. The vast majority are really positive
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-17T05:11:57
Someone commented on his post and said something about photo shoot after a late night of binge drinking. Which if true could be the reason he looks puffy
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-17T04:13:51
Read it and he looks hot af
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-17T04:10:19
Did you ladies read the Haute Living article he mentioned on his IG?
I must say, his face looks so puffy in these photos.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T21:51:53
Too funny.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T20:52:49
I read his teammates call him squirrel because he himself said to them "don't let me get too squirrely" out there.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T20:50:54
He is the Squirrel because he is fast and and crafty on the field. Nothing more entertaining the seeing him working his way out of jams. He is "squirrelly" on the field. How many "Vets" are involved in this squirrel thread? The Anonymous tag is fine except when communicating and trying to determine who you are responding to. Good night all.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T19:46:31
Not everything is related to sex
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T19:40:58
They call him Squrrel because he is shifty and hard to catch like a squirrel. Nobody calls a football a nut, some people do call it a “pill or the rock”, but not a nut. I’m sure the nickname also stuck because it has a double meaning aka he is always horny and tryin to get a “nut”
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T18:07:50
The football is the nut. He looking for a nut. At least that’s what my college bf called it
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T18:05:50
LMAO nobody in history has ever called a football pass a nut
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T18:04:36
A football pass is called a nut. That’s what he means when he says it.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T17:20:13
Vet, I agree and I believe he's called Squirrel for many reasons. LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T17:14:36
I think he’s called Squirrel because he’s always looking for a new nut LOL
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T17:09:01
Ramblin man. LOL
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T17:07:23
Sadly, I'm not sure he would know "his Gisele" if he was with her. Thinking of Bob Seger's "Wramblin'man", one of my favorite songs. I hope he will.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:58:16
Wow Tom and Gisele at the beach on Dailymail...looks like they are going to do it right there on the beach haha. I know Chief wants to find “his Gisele”, don’t know if he will ever fall for one women. Think Jules will always have a wondering eye
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:43:42
Thanks I'll leave it at that.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:37:33
I don't remember him deleting any stories from that weekend. He usually doesn't. I've only seen him delete stories from the weekend with TJ.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:34:29
Tess, I could be wrong. But for some reason I remember something. May just be that there were so many pats at that time from people. But so many posts were deleted after the blond showed up with him.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:31:08
If you follow "the checkdown" on IG there is a "story" of "the real dads of the NFL" with an aged photo of JE. Looks much older than the one he posted today. LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:29:36
I don’t think he deleted anything from Boston Calling
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:17:59
Didn't JE have a story on Boston Calling and later deleted it? I recall that...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:13:52
No, he has never followed her, but its clearly the same girl from the rooftop. I can't remember who found her, but after the boston calling video of her walking with JE came out, someone found her and then the next day she posted a story that was from JEs rooftop party. He doesn't always follow the girls hes hooking up with. There have been quite a few girls that took awhile to find but would show his place in various ways.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:08:58
Thanks Vet. Not surprised, they look alike.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:07:34
Found her. She follows JE, but I didn't see,that he follows her. There is a JE fan (julian_edelman_is_sexy) who follows her and posts sexy babe posts. He calls himself "Edelman is du man." Think he is 15 years old. LOL Can't make it up. Terrence Brooks and Berrios follow her. LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T16:03:04
It’s the same person just one account isn’t active.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:59:22
Thanks Cali. The other one fit the bill though. Lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:58:41
No, that's not her. Her ig is https://www.instagram.com/niicoleamber/
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:58:37
The others on IG are not blonde
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:55:29
When I looked up Nicole Spiller on IG a blond with the id xcxnicoles showed up with that name. Is that the wrong person?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:45:31
Ryan liked the post. He reposted it in his stories with an emoji of pooh and piglet hugging
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:42:13
Nicole is blonde from his rooftop and boston calling videos. Pretty sure there was a hook up there. They hung out alot that weekend. She's probably a new rotation girl. And she's one of the few ones that hasn't been trashed immediately on here.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:41:18
Seeking her match? What do you mean?
She was in his story on his balcony when he went to Boston Calling in May
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:39:46
Yes, but she drives me crazy sometimes. I have done my part by making her crazy. LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:36:45
Goodlife...your mom sounds like a wise woman!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:34:04
Look at George Clooney he stated his wife now turned him down twice it takes a special person he’s in the zone of his career right now but one day love will find him
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:32:39
Nicole posted once back in 2018 seeking her match. What is her significance? I missed something?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:32:21
I agree I saw FL story this am & was like geez she’s super thin her arms look like sticks hope shes ok
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:11:38
No Tess that was the article I’m just saying in 10 years he himself does not see himself married with kids. Most when the look to the future would have included that especially since he has a daughter.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T15:03:20
Vet 32:10 I read that article and I recall him stating that he sees himself in 10 years on a beach drinking a beer while his daughter frolicks on the beach. Nothing about not being married or no more kids. Unless it’s another article you are talking about
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:52:06
Rookie everything stated here is opinion or speculation unless something is made public.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:50:19
Soph 35:42 her name is Nicole Spiller
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:48:43
I agree Vet she does not look flattering and looks very thin and not good
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:42:39
Ewww. FL’s latest bikini post. Not flattering. I legit thinks she has an eating disorder.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:30:59
Who is the guy in FL's recent story, the anaziane Mehta I think.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:29:24
Cali, you are right. He is a guy. They aren't that hard to figure out. My mother would say oh my he is so handsome and sexy, but watch out. Knowing my mother, she would tell me to keep my knees together. LOL
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:29:19
Toto I don't think anybody was being serious just saying he does like to cling on to celebrities quite a bit and that's just a fact
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:25:17
AL was with a new bf in Mykonos with Kendall? What have I missed lol: I haven’t been on this forum in a bit
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:17:15
I swear every model is or has been in Mykonos in the last week lol. FL is there now
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T14:06:34
Rookie, thats kind of the whole point of a gossip board, we all talk about what we feel is happening based on what he posts, what his hook up posts, and everyone gets to say their opinion. And, if you've followed him or this board for longer than a month, you'd know he has a pattern of behavior in regards to women so it's pretty easy for most of us to make educated guesses as to what is happening. Guys in general are not that hard to figure out.
Don't like it, don't come here.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:59:49
Answered my question.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:58:55
What am I missing with Ryan Reynolds?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:55:53
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:55:33
I thought his latest stories were hilarious! He looked so exited in that pic. Why be so serious? He put a funny spin on it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:52:14
I love how everyone acts like they know what he actually does in his life on here. You all have zero idea. You make guesses and say it’s all true too funny.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:49:05
The Ryan post I thought the same thing a little thirsty ?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:42:35
His Ryan Reynolds post made me cringe a little bit lol. A little thirsty there JE? haha
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:38:53
Legend, I agree FL didn't mean anything to him. She was a presentable date to the ring ceremony. Then he tried out the wheels so to speak. He then had a great time with the girls on his Israel trip. Living his best life. Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:38:50
No I think you may be right. I don't know if he will ever get married and have more kids. Forever bachelor type.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:35:51
Vet, that may be true. AL wanted a kid with him, or at least that was the reason for the break up. He may not want to get tied down. Lonely old man. Hope Lily is ready for caregiving. OMG! Am I over thinking! LOL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:35:47
I'm guessing he just decided he didn't like FL after all. Maybe he didn't like her posting fro and outside his place and just thought she was another TJ. Didn't take hi long to already be canoodling with other chicks after the ring ceremony. Didn't see that into her
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:35:34
He still parties during the season, but not he has been lately. He usually tones it down during the season, thats where the rotation girls got started. He has a set group of girls he hooks up with regularly so he doesn't have to go out and meet new ones like he does during the off season. But we've seen him out at a few bars on a friday night during the season.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:32:10
Maybe he and FL didn’t mesh well I love how we are guessing that he really liked her. He was screwing around right after her so it is possible FL was just another girl in his pocket or as they say a notch on his bedpost. I don’t buy for a minute FL didn’t know his reputation especially since he has been linked to other models that she knows. He also most likely got smarter after ER and uses protection all the time as to not repeat what occurred. In interviews I’ve heard him say when asked where do you see yourself years from now he says on a beach with his daughter not married with more kids so maybe he doesn’t want that.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:31:16
I remember him saying "party on Thursday, fumble on Sunday". I have no idea. Maybe others have personal knowledge.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:29:23
I guess he doesn't think he has a reason to - nothing has happened yet. Hope he uses protection, which I would be surprised if he did.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:27:35
Does he get crazy during football season like party crazy? Or is it just off season ?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:19:01
I hope so Goodlife, but if they're half as thirsty as TJ, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with at least one more baby mama. I really hope he doesn't, but he doesn't seem like he's changed his behavior all that much since ER.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:15:48
I agree with that Soph.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:15:17
Cali, I agree, but hopefully he makes the transition before Squirrel's prediction comes to fruition. Ticking time bomb. I agree there are younger women would gladly become a baby momma to his child(ren).
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:01:21
I think so too.. FL is in her late 20s you can tell she didn’t like or put up with the Israel trip stories that went on. I think she really liked him
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T13:00:30
He need not worry about step mom. He should be more worried about Lily having a half sister when he messes with these skanks who would give their eye teeth to get knocked up by him. I’m sure it is not for a lack of trying.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T12:39:47
I think once he does decide hes ready to settle down, it'll be with someone more in his age bracket or a few years younger. It won't be with the co-eds and ig models hes messing with now. The only reason why he messes with younger girls is because usually girls in that age range are not interested in a serious relationship or settling down and don't mind being a casual hook up. Women in his age range wouldn't put up with him and being a casual hook up. Not too many women in their late 20s and early 30s would be ok with sleeping with him one weekend and seeing him all over some other chick the next weekend. I'm sure once football is over with and the cleat chasers start dwindling, we'll see a change in him.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T11:39:45
I like his reference to meeting a "fine young lady". I wonder how young? Lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T11:35:52
Tess where did u see that online? When you search her name? I looked & didn’t see it
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T11:18:33
Last night when the subject was Miami swim week I searched to see if the blonde girl walked in SI. She did not but she was on a MTV dating show a few years ago and also had a sex tape and nude photo’s leaked.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T11:15:15
I know he did not say Ella’s name I thought it was comical that he mentioned her profession. I guess he has to say he “dates” because he knows he can’t say he hooks up with girls here and there
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T10:43:08
thats why he doesn’t introduce them to Lily. He knows they’re inappropriate and not settle down, step mother material. Right now he’s not even looking for that.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T10:21:09
He is such a joke about the 100% step-mom material. He must have someone reading this board for him. Really funny, guess he needs a new excuse especially since he's nearing the end of his career. But I'm glad he's starting a new line of excuses so he'll have it memorized!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:55:32
I agree Squirrel. My thought was how busy is Ella professionally ? I didn’t get that either? It’s good he’s looking to buy in Cali so he can see Lily more when he’s there
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:44:54
A couple of things jumped out at me. First, "Ella's profession". LOL, we could read a lot into that, but seriously? As if her work is so demanding it's hard to make time for Lily? I didn't get that at all. She really doesn't do much. And second, the part about the dating was such BS. If he were discerning to believe that anyone has to be step mom material before he would consider them, then why would he even be in the same room with TJ? I wouldn't want that trash around my kid (if I had one, LOL). I do like Chief and I thought the article was good, but he's full of it when it comes to that. If he was concerned about hanging out with the right type of women, it wouldn't be insta skanks and co-eds. On another note, sounds like he is really rolling in the cash. He better be careful when dealing with these chicks. He has a lot more to lose than he once did.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:40:25
I think even when he's ready to settle down, he's going to have a hard time getting past the need to feed his ego with a model
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:30:31
I don't know if thats he doesn't like bringing her up, or if thats part of their agreement. If you notice, she never mentions him by name either and its just a basic answer when asked. I just wonder if they agreed not to discuss eachother in too much detail when asked. Maybe they do have an NDA for each other. I definitely could see him wanting that and her as well.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:05:26
I wondered that too if he used her name but went back . I don’t think he likes bringing her name up lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:04:04
I don’t think he used her name. The writer inserted that.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T09:01:33
He says “ with Ella’s profession and my profession” ... lol ok. What modeling jobs does she have?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:56:09
It was a good article, but that looking for stepmom material I had to laugh at. So far, I have yet to see anyone who would fit that bill. At least he still admits he dates here and there lmao, we all know what that means. It's not like he can say, yeah I go out and hook up with ig models and bottle girls every weekend, how would that go over lmao? He's not going to be looking for anything serious with anyone until well after football is over with.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:49:47
I mean the latest he’s been liking is JC photos like she’s step mom material lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:47:09
He doesn't even hide the fact that he's a hoe even in magazines interviews lmao
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:46:05
That's what I mean. None of these IG chicks are step mom material. Yeah he's in no rush. When he is looking to settle down, I'm sure he will look elsewhere not IG.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:45:55
I meant really is
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:45:34
Well if he really isn’t looking for someone who is good for Lily is not going to be who he is currently choosing. All of whom he has been with recently like to party quite a lot. He should try someone older than in their 20’s and who has a “real” career.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:37:56
I agree legend but I don’t think these IG women are step mom material I don’t think he’s in a rush either lol just my opinion
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:36:44
Internet Squirrel sorry
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:36:24
Yes Squirrel go to Julian Edelman Haute living there’s a couple look for today’s date
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:32:58
He said he needs a girl that is 100 percent step mom material. That explains why he hasn't been serious with any of the latest.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:28:04
Is the article online? Where can we find it?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T08:19:44
Just read the article it was good . They asked him about finding Lily a step mom..
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T07:49:22
Nice magazine cover.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T07:06:13
I think he blew Molly off recently or something cause she sees to be mad at him lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T05:06:14
Hi LuLu. I just checked, and on mine, it shows her following him. I had to type in her entire name before it would pop up though.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-16T04:57:29
If you go to his followers and search for Tj she doesn’t come up but from her ig it says she is following him? Anyone know why it does that?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-16T04:47:53
I finally got around to watching my recording of the Pyramid. OMG, that was some of the best entertainment I have seen in a while. I literally laughed out loud so many times. Gronk was an absolute idiot, and when Chief got that category about the tampons and stuff. LOL, those looks on his face. I loved the booty call comment too.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-16T03:46:28
MW has been extremely snarky in her comments to him. There may have been an incident or a rebuff.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T22:04:26
I know he used to hook up with Molly but she is still creepy always commenting on most of his posts like he's gonna say anything back to her lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:54:06
Yeah, he hooked up fairly regularly with Molly and pretty sure Christi was in there too for a time. He usually gets rid of them after they become clingy. I've never seen anything to suggest that he hooked up with champagne and pizza girl. He met her at the white house and they all kept in touch, but never seen anything from her to suggest a hook up happened, esp since she had a boyfriend for the majority of the time they've known eachother. I think she just recently became single a few months back, but still nothing to suggest a hook up. I know a few people wanted him to date her, but I don't think anything happened there. I think they're just friends.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:39:06
He used to hook up with Molly. Not sure about the either one but probably
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:35:22
No he doesn't follow Molly. She is just a creepy one. I'm surprised he hasn't blocked her
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:35:08
he doesn't even follow molly or maz
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:34:44
Molly seems to comment on pretty much all of his posts. She's a weirdo lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:24:06
does he follow either of them?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T20:18:23
I’m pretty sure there used to be something with champagne and pizza. Or maybe she’s in the rotation. Who knows . Saturday night Molly and that Christi Maz girl both commented on his picture that he posted on the 3rd 🙄 The West Side Views picture
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T19:59:16
i just think its funny all his hoes are posting slutty photos and he likes that one. like dusty, FL, or israel girl will ever go to the senate!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T19:01:29
He needs a girl like that. With a brain. I think those are the kind of women he actually likes he is just buying his time with the hoes which is why he never gets serious with them
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:49:14
There’s so much Botox or filler that the skin’s extremely taut and the camera lights reflect off it. She’s gone to far with her face.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:49:07
he just liked someone champagneandpizza's photo
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:43:10
Forehead lights? I’m assuming highlighter?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:38:13
It does look like tp lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:31:32
https://www.gofugyourself.com/olivia-culpo-continues-to-wear-things-07-2019?amp=1 (link for headlight pic in to dress)
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T18:29:34
Is it just me but does HH's chest look oddly scrunched in her beach-walking pic? Also, HH has forehead headlights in the "toilet paper dress pic" at what I think was the Maxim show. Lol.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T17:51:13
She looked like she was in drag
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T17:44:07
15:11 Wearing an outfit costing $4,715 and one of her followers commented she looked "like a cartoon!" I agree
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T17:04:18
Emrata is another one I can't stand. So fake and gross. And go easy on the lip injections girl damn
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:52:44
How out of place did she look all glammed up? Smh
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:50:55
Exactly actual famous people don’t pay paparazzi to take pictures of them. OC, CK, EmRata, etc are all people that call the paps and tell them where to meet then at for the candid pics
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:25:49
And the hair extensions.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:25:40
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:25:28
She always pays paps take pics and put them on IG. That's how you know you aren't that famous lao
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T16:15:11
OMG HH in Page Six wearing high heels and a sh*tload of makeup at the beach, such a staged photo she paid paparazzi to take. Hahahahahahahaha
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T14:30:21
Post not oust
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T14:29:02
We are going to see these oust of TJ for the rest of the month ughhh lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T14:23:32
Squirrel Nut she looks ridiculous. Like Mogli from the jungle book. Obviously models have no control what they wear or how they are made up for shows but I sure as hell wouldn’t post that.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T14:20:45
She said she’s walking in Miami Swim Week. There are several shows, not just SI. I think SI started their SI model search though and models were able to “audition”. Not totally sure of that though.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T14:09:19
LOL at TJs latest. OMG. Hideous
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T13:33:00
Yes I noticed that too ..
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T13:24:45
I thought she said she was walking in her previous post.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T13:15:44
She didn’t model in the SI show though. Another one
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T13:14:34
Yes, she’s in Miami along with HH And CK
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T13:06:43
Anyone notice that Boston Commons girl is trying to be a SI model? Lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:34:52
ER always has the same tilted head pose lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:26:39
ER is a sunflower. LOL She makes me sick. Yesterday she woke up fully made up. You suppose her pillowcase has an image of her smiling back?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:22:41
Absolutely right! It's like for whatever reason the powers that be who are running the show over there have an obsession with the Pats. KL was part of it too for a while.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:21:29
OC wouldn't have either
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:21:14
13:25- Agreed
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:13:25
LOL, I liked reading some of the comments on the Daily Mail's page. I agree with what one person said. She is an "okay" looking girl, but SI cover? No way. That would have never happened without her connections.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-15T12:07:04
Love how Gronk didn't acknowledge he was with CK until she started getting attention for SI
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T11:57:12
CK is is on Dailymail Celebrity Twitter Page! Haha wonder how much she paid to be featured on DM hahaha
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T08:42:48
But think about the expected payback... Mykonos would be a prowling paradise. LOL
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T08:19:02
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-15T08:18:36
Ok me a ticket please
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-15T07:28:34
Pretty sure it is “yachting” season in Mikonos. A bunch of IG models have posted from there the past couple days. There must be a bunch of Oil Shieks rolling through town with money to spend...
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T07:18:43
Mykonos at an epicenter. Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2019-07-15T07:15:41
I am so happy for FL that she loves being surrounded by nature in a luxury resort on Mykonos. (I know I am snarky.) Lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-15T04:30:42
FL is in Mykonos and so is thirsty Israeli girl. His worlds collide.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2019-07-14T21:40:21
Yeah, Gronk seemed a little dazed. JE did pretty good...At least won both rounds.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T21:26:20
You dial when you make a booty call lmao. Yes you would know Jules
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T20:02:28
I cringed a little for Gronk
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2019-07-14T19:51:08
He did really well. Proud of JE! I thought Gronk would have done better.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T19:37:41
I enjoyed that. He did well.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T18:22:48
JE just said booty call!!! LOL
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T18:22:09
The pyramid
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2019-07-14T18:20:55
You talking about the video of TB and JE?
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