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Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T18:42:41
Abby@ 28:38 -- Abby, you are a peach! I am still reading, but posting around here is stressful. Especially is the poster has something intelligent to say. It shouldn't be. If our little buddy JJ inspires any new original thought, I may share it. I still believe KO is just a hang with friend, JJ can't turn down a challenge, he is a dang nice guy, and I need some football. Cheers to you all!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T18:41:00
Deleted again, take 3
Don't know of any events out there, but if he is there, it's probably business stuff. Like those private agency dinners with CAA & Hollywood types like Kate Hudson. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T18:35:32
I see the deleter is out tonight.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T18:16:56
Nothing going on today. Good weekend and niw, silence.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T18:09:30
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T17:04:36
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:57:32
He's traveling a lot to say he's training. LOL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:38:40
TJ took that snap of him with the kid yesterday afternoon so he was definitely in WI then.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:35:30
The few people I know who have seen him by himself in public generally say he is quiet and to himself. I guess he is pretty shy privately. He needs a strong confident lady friend.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:28:38
Wish you would come back.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:10:25
Even though that kid lives in jersey I think he's in Cali on vacation if you look at his IG
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:10:10
Beach Girl is from Jersey I think.
Ok fess up BG. Quit hiding that man.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T16:03:22
I saw that. There were also a few people who said they saw him in TX. Who knows. I did not see any wheels up flights leave WI in the last 2 days. Unless he flew somewhere commercial, but usually people would spot him in an airport. He should just give us a snap so we know where he is. Because of course we are entitled to know. Lol jk
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:58:16
A kid on twitter just tweeted he just saw JJ watt, @Geoanz0330. he lives in Heolmdel, NJ
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:41:55
I'm either overheated or this board is confusing right now!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:39:43
Miles didn't say anything, Vet@22:06:22! Look at his IG for the description under the photo...L
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:09:08
Miles is associated with wheels up vet. Not sure what u r talking about. I think you may be confused
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:06:22
And what did Miles say? Is he okay with JJ hanging out with another guy's girl?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T15:00:18
It's not like I don't have anything to do but work, LOL. This is my guilty entertainment while working because I can hide my cell.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:54:41
Miles Rogers seems to post to his IG a few days after the fact..L
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:37:11
Soph, I was thinking the same thing. We are so spoiled. LOL
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:35:28
Is it me or when he's not snapping or tweeting, I miss it. Ugh
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:33:39
Reply-to:Stupid is not an adjective used to describe JJ. Hes not touching KO, not while playing with BIL.

then why be seen with her publicly??  I mean didn't one of you say she's dating some guy?? If so, why would she be with JJ if she's seeing someone??  Friend or not, it's just wrong.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:21:36
Yes ..Good observation (Legend) 21:16:58
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:16:58
Okay thanks
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:16:15
I think that wheels up pic may be from the other night when he was leaving NY. He was wearing that shirt in the would you rather video and those are the sneakers he was wearing in snap of him at home watching fallon. Just checked wheels up flight for today don't see any leaving WI, TX or anywhere JJ may be. Just my thoughts.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:14:41
Any idea where he is going ??
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T14:10:26
Flying wheels up @milesrogers on ig
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T13:41:43
Sophomore 20 38.45 didn't you post that last week. Yes.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T13:05:17
He dated regularly in college from what I hear. What kind of girl would brag about dating him in college on an anon site? Only the kind of girl he wouldn't date.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T13:04:58
His parents have both said in interviews that JJ was rather shy and mild-mannered.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T13:04:33
JJ himself has said that he was a late-bloomer. he was not the star player on the team, either. He was originally the QB, then was demoted to back-up QB before he switched positions. He also wasn't a star player at Central Michigan, and then after a year he transferred to UW.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T12:57:59
JJ was cute in school & he was a star player on the team, so I'm sure some girls paid attention to him. If any girls at his school ignored him, my guess is it was because of his shyness & maniacal dedication to football.
For pro-players, I can see girls grudgingly tolerating that kind of dedication. But for a college kid who hasn't even been drafted yet, that singular dedication would be harder to put up with.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T12:42:36
It'll take him awhile I think.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T12:29:40
I feel like maybe JJ was not the cute guy in school and maybe girls blew him off in college. Is that why he's so guarded. If he was out there sleeping around someone would of had a good story out by now. There's absolutely nothing out. Even like the gossip site that let's anonymously tell your story about athletes...There's nothing out about him.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T12:24:32
Gabby is not Derek's first girlfriend he's openly affectionate with. On his FB he had a girlfriend who was included in a family pic. Then he dared Briana the hockey player and he was always talking about how he loved her. It's JJ who's had the problem of having a gf openly and expressing his feelings.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T12:01:06
I know...I think you would have to peel him off a girl if he really liked her, especially at first when they are "lovey dovey"...he would be so cute! JJ finally got Gabby in a photo though, I think it is her in the 4 square snap, right? First time he has her in a pic!! I would love to get a hug from him...anybody on here ever get one?? Gotta be fantastic!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:20:20
I love how Derek & Gabby aren't afraid of PDA. On IG, there's a cute pic of them & another couple that I saw 2 days ago. JJ will get there eventually. I think we'll know right away when he's found her. He looks to be a good hugger. Haha
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:19:12
I think all the Watt boys go with untied shoes and they all wear chains. How cute lol.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:17:27
Want tie them until he falls. LOL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:13:37
The questions were dumb but I'll take JJ anyway I can get him!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:10:29
JJ and TJ both looked good at the ZBB concert.I know this is not a Gabby/Derek board but I loved her dress she wore to ZBB this weekend.I do want to know one thing...does JJ ever tie his shoes?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T11:09:28
I thought we might get a snap today. Maybe later. I'm assuming he's in Wisconsin. RM
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:50:04
I thought he was funny - he is at his best when it involves humor. He face kinda lights up & he gets that cute smile going! Just me - I prefer this to him trying to be serious.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:41:40
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:41:02
Yea I posted a link a few comments down. It is on youtube
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:36:48
I missed the would you rather segment. His it online somewhere?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:33:30
Dumb questions...he handled them well...hard to even be funny with them! Can I just say - HIS ARMS ARE HUGE!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:28:59
That's because he just looks good!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:19:30
Those questions on the 'would you rather" segment were stupid but jj looked good answering them! LOL
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:17:28
Stupid is not an adjective used to describe JJ. He's not touching KO, not while playing with BIL.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:16:32
Girls remember that men when they say something they say it in different ways ,for me he is single because well could make her travel to Wisconsin on Saturday and spend time together. And he says that this schedule is crazy , or she Could to see traveled all the time because there will be training or am I wrong . For me I really do not see that romance between two couples , who like though because even though I hide it shows the naked eye and that is something, that can not hide when you're with the person.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:12:25

Reply-to:I would think if she were going to come up, IF they were dating, it would have been over this past weekend, for all the fun, or over the 4th. She had a couple of days off and didnt seem to be there, so...

The Dash are playing through September.  I'm sure that even though there's a couple days off, she can't just pick up and go somewhere on vacation.  The team still trains in between games just like in football.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T10:02:56
Legend, he told us that during shoe promo, and now it's over.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-27T09:47:44
and no nothing in the video about KO or being single...haha
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T09:36:04
I would think if she were going to come up, IF they were dating, it would have been over this past weekend, for all the fun, or over the 4th. She had a couple of days off and didn't seem to be there, so...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T08:57:38
Would you want your gf hanging with jj? He'll no. LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T08:40:34
I didn't say not posting in a week. Just not posting alot during the week.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T08:24:12
I thought KO was dating that soccer player called Giles? She still has photos of him on Instagram.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T08:06:29
She wasn't in WI Saturday night with all the fun with his brothers and friends. So....
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T07:48:52
Anyone know what KO is up to today? New snaps or anything? And, didn't someone mention JJ going to ATL today for Papa Johns?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T06:36:41
Sorry guys, forget to sign alot. Rook11.27.55 is Pvy.
Hey y'all!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T06:32:40
Morning all...it doesnt have to be a week of nit pisting much..i've been going back and forth from soph to rookie every couple days..good thing i dont make my living from status on this board..lol..i think waldo is in wi..dont think he'll go anywhere unlesd its business related..he said he was going to train there but since all 3 brothers were home decided to spend time having fun..may not happen like that for awile..but he'll probably start his training today...country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T06:29:29
I love the Waldo reference.... "Waldo Wanders Wisconsin!! LOL Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T06:18:40
Good morning ladies. Where's Waldo, that funny Rookie@11:27:55!, but that's about right. Do we think he'll be training in WI and promoting his shoe until the start of training camp?...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-27T04:47:00
Depends how much you posts. If you don't post much in a week you get dropped down.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T04:44:08
This board is so weird.
Last week I was a veteran.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-27T04:27:55
Good Morning Abby, ladies. Pray you guys have a nice day.
And those wondering if Waldo is still on WI, it's shoe promo time, he will let us know if he's not in WI.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-27T04:11:39
Have a good day everyone.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T21:07:25
Thanks, Legend that's such a great pic of JJ. I like seeing him with the kids with disabilities...L
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T21:02:49
Seriously, what is his problem with laces?!? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:54:46
RM, I would bet training in WI.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:47:11
Maybe we'll get a snap tomorrow & it will tell us where he's at. RM
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:39:45
Yeah. Maybe he was driving back from whitewater today. He does drive a Denali in WI. And it did look like a quick glimpse of him
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:37:46
Jj does have lookalikes in tecas..i was in a dallas mall and would have staked my life on the fact i wad behind jj..i stayef behind for a while and waitef while he went in a store but when he came out it wasnt him..teeth were different and there was no nose bump.otherwise looked just like him..so if dallas area im sure houston area has at leadt 1 also..the mall was the 2nd time i thought i saw jj......country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:36:18
That Twitter video seems random too. Couldn't figure out where she saw him or if it was recent. Wasn't he still in WI this afternoon?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:29:07
It's fake
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:28:40
She says according to fb but I can't find it there my guess is it maybe a joke based on the emoji at the end
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:28:36
Seems random & seeing as she said he's been there for over an hour, kinda weird that no one else has mentioned seeing him there
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:22:29
Someone sent a tweet showing jj passing her on highway. It was daylight then and you can see his profile.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:18:47
*couldn't find it, not if.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:17:32
Can you post the tweet that spotted him in Needville? I couldn't find if.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:14:00
Just looked it up, there's one in WI. Remember training tomorrow, more than likely.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:12:34
Needville is in Texas
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T20:07:15
Okay, where is Needville. @JJWatt spotted 1 hr ago.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:47:52
Agreed, country girl@02:38:21...L
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:47:26
Baby steps rook2:40:49
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:40:49
I think his career is still his priority, as it should be, IMO. It's a very brutal game & it's not something a player can slack on or phone in. If he wasn't totally on top of his preparedness, he could seriously injure himself.
But I think he's making room for his personal life, more than he has before.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:40:05
Thank you country girl.
And the last post was Pvy also.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:38:21
Ladies...could we give ko a rest til jj goes back to houston unless a confirmed visit takes place....jj is in wi and having a blast snd sending us snaps ..soon he'll start training to get ready for training camp..lets take a ko mini vacation and just enjoy jj being jj.....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:35:40
Am I the only one who thinks jj is still putting his career before personal life, regardless of what he said in the Texans press conference?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:25:55
He must have taken tj to whitewater then back to school. Such a great big bro...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:18:33
Funny how fame sometimes have a price. You'll find her JJ.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T19:16:07
Kaitlyn, Texas
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:51:43
Tweet was @Robbystrongg
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:50:14
Seems like jj really needs someone. Calling guys gf beautiful, like/unlike ko pic. Yep.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:48:42
I know soph, but sometimes he will say hi beautiful...but still, odd. It was last night about 1030...anyone else see it? I am going to search jjwatt plus beautiful and see if I can find. PS...love him in that sweat soaked shirt.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:45:47
Seems like to have her visit last night would have been the time, so much fun, all his friends and family around. I just don't see him dating a teammates SIL unless she was THE ONE.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:45:19
Thx for info shopo 01:35:54 And the question is ? If Supposedly they are coming out now is not or as some say they are friends .is Confused
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:45:15
Calling another guys girl beautiful? Maybe he was tipsy. Only a few could getaway with doing that.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:45:00
TJ back at school. New snap of roommate with more pizza. haha
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:43:43
That's what someone posted soph1:38:00
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:41:40
Any sm from ko today?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:38:00
Liked then unlike ko if pic.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:37:46
He did that with cw a couple times...the bikini pics I believe. Some guy on twitter last night posted that jj had called his gf beautiful, must have been at zbb. Would he do that if he were dating someone? The guy was flattered that jj said that to her.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:35:54
1:18:19soph someone said jj liked then unlike ko ig
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:33:44
If he attends the ESPY's, wonder if he'll make an appearance on one of the LA late night shows to promote his shoes? Maybe Kimmel again?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:23:06
When is JJ scheduled to appear anywhere next? The espys? RM
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:18:19
Ok he has just come here and read all this and am Confused not understand someone could explain if you please thanks
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:08:12
Let me say it again, she is his friend. C'mon you guys.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:02:47
Agreed sophomore@00:56:12! I echo your sentiments!...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:01:03
thanks for the tip leg
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T18:00:49
Yeah its under your settings
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:59:48
i didnt know u could go back and see what u liked
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:58:56
I didn't think about the fact he could have been looking through his likes sorry
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:58:04
naysayers? it was quiet it was proven he is single and now it starts again as soon as it gets quiet
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:56:27
exactly rook 54:22 he is her FRIEND not her boyfriend he can have female friends
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:56:12
And we were doing so well today! Lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:55:35
i've been on ig all evening and seen nothing he hasnt liked anything lately.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:54:33
Let the conspiracy theories start! Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:54:22
She is his friend. I don't think that has changed. Just because he isn't dating her doesn't mean he isn't talking to her.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:52:43
I am not starting crap. when you like something and then unlike it, it disappears from that like timeline so it would not be there now.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:51:58
Yes he still likes the other pic. Please there is no way he has pics he is looking through on his timeline from over a month ago. He liked the pic tonight and then unliked it secs later. That is what i saw according to my IG. I will not bring it up anymore. forget i said it.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:51:20
he didnt like anything of KO on ig. i checked and i'm on there now and nothing someone starting crap
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:49:36
Does he still like the old pic of KO, her sis & Hannah? Or did he unlike that pic too?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:49:16
Not necessarily he could be looking down Hus IG we don't know how much the people he follows post if they don't post a lot then thee isn't a lot to go through
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:49:15
Not necessarily he could be looking down Hus IG we don't know how much the people he follows post if they don't post a lot then thee isn't a lot to go through
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:47:46
Please let's not over analyze what it means if he unliked something.. For me that picture still shows up but whatever why do I even try lol ๐Ÿ˜’
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:47:05
He has unliked things on Twitter
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:46:11
It was an old pic he must have been on her ig page just saying
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:45:39
That is what i said in my original post soph 44:26. But that also means he was looking through her pics because that pic was posted back in may
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:45:11
When I was looking I did t see him like anything if he's gonna lime it has gonna like it there's no reason to unlike it he's liked other pictures of hers
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:44:26
He could have liked it accidentally and then unliked it when he realised. I've done that often enough.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:43:15
It doesn't matter when he liked the pic. But if he did unlike it, like Legend says...well, it might not tell us anything, but it is unusual.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:41:46
He liked it and then unliked it very quickly. I don't think he ever liked that pic. He liked the pic with her, her sister and hannah. That is the one he liked a few weeks ago.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:35:06
He liked that picture a long time ago & again for the billionth time social media like isn't going to tell us much
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:34:36
It was just an observation. It happened a few min ago so I don't know about what happened ages ago. Really not trying to start anything. Just thought it was interesting and this is the girlfriend board. won't bring it up again. geez
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:31:26
Now it's all going to start again.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:31:25
He liked that photo ages ago.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T17:28:27
ok, so I was just on IG a few mins ago looking at who was liking what photos. Well JJ had just liked a photo 31 sec before and it was a KO photo. the one she posted of her and her sister at Brians event. I clicked on the pic to look at and then went back and JJ had unliked it. Maybe he was looking at her photos and liked it by accident. But I def saw it liked and then unlikes very quickly.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T16:39:09
Hope everyone had a good day.
The gatorade story is funny.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T16:01:02
@L, the dude's a flirt. Sure. it was an accident alright. LOL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T15:50:53
Pvy...im in north texas and we have the 100ยฐ heat index also...yuck..seems like every year the heat nothers me more..in winter you can put on but in summer theres only do much you can take off without needing bail money...lol..i honestly do not know how athletes do it especially when they're in full pads..wonder if they put ice packs in their helmets..lol lol....it feels good to see jj relaxed and cutting loose with his brothers..there us such a difference in his smile and body language..he's with people he loves and knows they love him for him..thats great....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T15:42:18
I'm going to give you a pass, but only because you are inbred, and I feel sorry for you. Reply-to:Virginia is for lovers. I would let Vince Wilfork make love to my ass then mouth if it could win the love of JJ, who of course would be allowed to watch.Beach Girl

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T14:53:07
Apparently, according to twitter, JJ may have been spotted at a half marathon event called Her Madison Half. Another tweet by some girls said he was at the Williams Center, also in Whitewater, WI, and he drank some girls gatorade, by accident, I'm sure...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T14:31:01
Vet 19:07:11 I agree. He seems the most laid back & happy in Wisconsin. He's obviously happy in Houston also but he was born & raised in Wisconsin & you can tell he's feels really at home there. That's one reason I think he'll live in Wisconsin when he retires. Although I'd say he'll still make trips to Houston, RM
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T14:26:40
I love to see him interacting with kids! He obviously loves kids & they love being around him! He'll be a great coach someday! Kids look up to him & listen to him. He could really help influence kids in the right direction. RM
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T14:26:16
@country girl, in Louisiana and it's feels like 100ยฐ. OMG
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T14:03:27
Reply-to:I think hell end up with a regular girl, do his best to protect her privacy (if she wants it), and then theyll go back to WI and make sweet little Badger babies. :) And how would he protect her privacy, especially since he is so famous?

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T13:47:28
Afternoon ladies...its rather warm outside so im hanging in the ac today...wasnt somebody saying jj might make a album..this was around the cmts..well the snaps at the concert proves jj needs to stick to football...a singer he is.not..lol lol lol..it was funny to watch the act like teenagers..good family fun....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T13:36:06
When I was in 8th grade I went to Univ of wisconsin-whitewater for confirmation camp. Its right on the lake-- beautiful
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T13:18:22
Just saw my sc. He seems so happy being home.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T13:02:16
When you Google whitewater camp it says university of Wisconsin
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T12:47:29
Do we know where JJ was when TJ took that snap of JJ with the little girl?..Some lady on Twitter asked JJ not to leave Whitewater camp because some other kids wanted to meet him...L
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T12:11:52
I agree vet. Love that JJ and football JJ of course.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T12:07:11
He looks the most naturally happy when he is at home in WI
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T12:06:15
In that ig video introducing zbb you can see he has sweated through almost the whole white tee he has on,,,hot steamy wi night!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T11:53:22
New JJ snap. Video in car looking out at beautiful WI.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T11:52:40
That pic is TJ latest snap.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T11:28:29
JJWatt_ladies just posted a new picture on IG that is really cute.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T10:57:00
At least JJ didn't delete his snaps. Guess he doesn't care about bad singing. :)
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T10:56:04
TJ did another snap about 30 mins. It's JJ with a young girl fan (pic). He did delete the other snaps. Maybe he realized how bad their singing was. Haha
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T10:53:39
TJ's snaps weren't bad. I wonder why he does that. He deletes Tweets too.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T10:24:20
Maybe they didn't post all TJ's snap's because it is a site dedicated to JJ not TJ.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T09:46:55
I've noticed TJ sometimes does that. He will post snaps and then delete them the next morning.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T09:40:04
Thanks soph!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T09:39:49
All if them? There were like 4 or so? Weird!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T09:21:11
Vet, I think he deleted them. I don't see his snaps either anymore but he is still on my friends list
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T09:19:16
Ok guys, last night I added tj on snap and today I can't see his snaps, last night I could. Did he block me?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:53:16
LOL, good point Legend. So JJ doesn't need to have Charlie with him every time he goes out. But he chose to have Charlie accompany him for other outings with someone.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:50:17
At least we didn't see Charlie at the concert. Haha. Guess he is in Houston
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:35:53
I think Gabby and Derek met on IG honestly. Seems like alot for her to give up her career for love but who hasn't done that before? Some of us thought she was working for the JJ Watt Foundation.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:35:41
In some pictures you can tell JJ has shaved his chest hair and it is growing back so I think he has shaved it.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:29:20
jj w
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:20:09
People don't have to shave their chest hair, arm hair or leg hair for photos. It is easily removed digitally. So I sincerely doubt they shave for photoshoots. Now to get his 6 pack abs to show they dehydrate but then again it can be manipulated digitally
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T08:06:39
Texans finally got Will Fuller signed.
We should be good to go at camp!.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:40:13
It's not just the cover up, it's the fact that two pro-race car drivers were caught doing drugs along with & with the approval of the team owner's right hand man.
Auto racing is life threatening enough as it is. It gets infinitely worse for everyone on the grid if they're racing against drivers who are drug users.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:34:52
Someone covered up something. That is a pretty salicious scandal.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:27:59
Well put Pvy@14:14:54...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:14:54
Leave those love birds alone, gabby & derek. Never think everything is perfect because it seems that way. There will always be trials and tribulations no matter who you are. Never be envious of someone else's life, be happy with yours.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:13:52
Oh wait, now I remember. TBH, I'm surprised it didn't blow up bigger. Not because of ZB. But because of the other men involved. When it first blew up, one of the names of the other men busted with him sounded familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. I googled the guy & he's a big exec on a NASCAR team (I used to watch that sport a lot). Looked up the other two guys & they're drivers. Not with the top tier Cup or Xfinity series, but they are pro-drivers. I'm sure their team owner hushed that sh*t up quickly.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:11:36
Took 14:05 - dream big, work hard. You can do the same things if you try and not tear someone else down.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:11:17
I think Zac has a big family.
Maybe 4 kids?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:09:36
Does anyone know how Gabby and Derek met? She's sacrificed a lot so he can live his dream, she deserves a little credit. They seem genuinely in love. Maybe she's a gold digger but he'll never have JJ money or status and I'm sure she'll get a job when Derek is settled.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:08:48
The lead singer was in a room with a prostitute and drugs. He was never charged since he didn't know anything about what was going on since he was invited and had just got there minutes before the bust. It was in the news all off two or three days.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:06:28
Leave gabby alone
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:06:08
Report said Zac asked them to cover it up for him because he has family.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:05:43
It was on TMZ the lead singer was busted in a room with a bunch of people coke and a few strippers
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:05:28
Gabby sure has it made! She gets to live in ca & wi, gets to travel, gets to hang out with the watt family, doesn't have to work. She hit the jackpot ! Where can I sign up for that?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:04:38
It had something to do with the band getting caught with hookers & drugs. Read one story. Then nothing!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T07:00:51
LOL. Abby, it must've died quick, because I don't know what controversy you're talking about ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:57:56
I would say yea they go again!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:40:29
Morning L.
JJ sees the ZBB so often he must dream about
their songs. That controversy about them sure died a quick death.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:40:09
Zbb is performing there again tonight winder if they'll go again
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:37:17
It's at least a good color on him.
@PT That egg stuff was funny although the guy giving out the eggs was annoying me. JJ thought he was funny though.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:34:38
Morning ladies. PV, I'm glad to hear your party went well, now you can relax! Yeah, I think the pants were too short, and the jacket was too tight because he kept fidgeting with it. He did seem more relaxed. Football JJ is my favorite, then WI JJ he definitely was having fun last night with his brothers. The KO thing will be whatever it is, we have no control over that, so we'll have to wait and see....L
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:29:23
Finally got around to watching the Fallin show interview...I was actually kind of disappointed. I thought the Jimmy Kimmel interview was a lot funnier, although JJ did seem more relaxed in the Fallon one. Loved the egg Russian roulette game though. -PT
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T06:20:20
Is that the same blue suit from during the season and the NFL honors? If it is, it def needs some adjustments. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T05:51:18
I only noticed the jacket being snug but the pants look too small? In that picture anyway.
I am glad he's having fun.
Soon enough he will be in camp & working very hard.
In the fan picture that's a huge smile.
Having fun. That's great.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T05:45:55
Agreed Abby, that suit looked tight. I looked at my sc this morning and he looked so happy. Home is where the heart is. So....I assume we can give the KO thing a rest.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T05:37:01
@ Soph
Well sounds like fun with Derek being there.
I imagine JJ loves being home.
I see that picture from Fallon.
Maybe it's just the angle but he needs to retire that suit.
It looks too small!
He looks really cute though.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T05:25:58
Don't know who was pushing the KO thing last night but for the regular visitors to the board he had a great time at the ZBB concert and will probably eat brunch today ;)
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T05:23:29
No joke Abby. And just to set the record straight, the people with JJ were Derek, Gabby, Taylor in red hat, Taylor girlfriend a brunette, TJ, friend Justin and his blonde wife. If you follow both JJ and TJ on SC you will see all these people.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-26T04:49:10
Glad your party went well Pvy!
Now you can relax. It sure sounds like fun.
Hope everyone has a great day.
I see things were exciting on here last night.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T04:31:31
It should ssy, I'm NOT making this up.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T04:30:25
Good Morning All.Pvy here. Looks like jj and I were doing the same thing - Paarty!!! My parents' surprise party was awesome. And the food was delish.@Country Girl, I have none to send you, guests were scrapping the bottoms of the pan; @Abby, thanks for sending positive vibes.
And this is the most funniest coincidence and I kid you nit, I'm making this up. I was standing and conversing with a female guest, and a male guest approaches us and
Interrupts our conversation because he wanted to get the females'number but all knew he was married by saying, "speaking of finally being a single man again" and he continues. I almost freaked. OMG.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-26T03:47:14
What's the photo of him with the microphone about? So did he get on stage to sing or just talk? RM
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-26T02:47:18
I hear the only good that comes out of Wisconsin is cheese Reply-to:JJs Dad can have intercourse with my mouth if thats what it takes for me to catch JJs eye.Beach Girl

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T22:32:00
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T22:27:08
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T22:23:07
There! You can all breathe easy again! Geez!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T22:19:24
The blonde in the dark shirt near Gabby in one of JJs snaps is just a fan.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:47:54
I agree with you on this one, the real identity thieves, the smart ones anyway, would actually show up to the games to steal his identity.Reply-to:for real...stealing an identity, thats a new oneThe REAL Beach Girl

Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:47:06
*who's IG
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:46:46
That's wgos ug it is I'm pretty sure its his wife he's in the one snap of all the guys singing
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:45:51
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:40:30
Legend, the pic isn't showing up on the Pics Forum. It looks like you linked to a pic that's on your own computer.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:39:55
Evans wife is blonde also and I think he might be there too
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:37:45
I put a pic of last year on the pic page the blonde next to zbb is this girl Jason is on the end with the beardthey are both in the snap tonight
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:37:12
Oh sorry, I didn't read correctly. Glad he's having fun. Go jj.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:36:06
J.J. Watt
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:36:04
J.J. Watt
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:35:55
I wasn't saying she is in wi she is in Houston I was saying that if she wanted too she could have gone somewhere. I think it is one of Derek and gabby friends
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:34:23
Omg no we don't its Jason's wife
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:33:18
So now you guys think ko is in WI.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:31:14
** NG โฌ‡
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:30:59
Some of ko's teammates went to Dallas so she could have had the weekend off since there is a long break. (Just saying ) the blonde in the video is not standing close to him so idk why someone would say anything about it . This is just what I have seen and some people might disagree
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:30:50
Thanks gals. My SC finally started let me see the snaps! Looks like they were having fun.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:23:52
This is the current trolls IP address
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:23:28
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:21:45
J.J. Watt
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:20:26
Which is behind gabby is not her because ig she already had taken pics or video as the Second time if. If TO saw that snap I imagine he would say, while KO in houston jj watt fun with each other in Wisconsin,if you say so because it not well informed before saying something .
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:19:29
We also understand there's a lot of troll sh*tstirring going on.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:19:07
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:14:18
The snap is on the tumblr
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:14:04
Can the just have fun. He's single and free. What wow you be doing at that age. Jj not getting any gf right niw. Just saying.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:13:31
Not only is Gabby's friend blond so is JJs friend Justin's wife a blond. They were with him last year along with Evan and his gf at the Zak Brown concert.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:13:14
No its one of tjs friends tj has a gray shirt on its whoever dates that lakshima or whatever her name is
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:12:58
10:31 - Yep, with Derek, TJ, Grabby.... I saw a dark haired girl photo bomb one of his snaps. Maybe he was on a date with her too? /sarcasm.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:12:30
I feel sorry for The Good Deleter. Lots of trolls & sh*tstirrers posting right now.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:12:12
No he's not he's at a concert with his brothers
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:11:51
Who's the girl with the guy in the red Reebok hat? Is that TJ? Is that his girlfriend? He has his arms around her.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:10:31
So what's going on. Jj on a date?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:04:33
It's not like the Watts are the only ones on stages. Geez. The band have their own family and friends up there too. Who knows who the blonde might be, KO isn't the only blonde in the world. Really reaching here people.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:00:57
No matter who it is, he's not paying any attention to her LOL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-25T21:00:34
That must be a troll lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-06-25T20:59:03
Could the blonde girl be BE? This board would go nutzo! LOL...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-06-25T20:58:57
Bet gabby will have the photo on her ig.
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