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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-28T04:48:38
And the real pvy has been a rookie now since a day ago (don't know why) and not a vet.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-28T04:46:22
Pvy here...Good Morning. Shift is almost over, taking a look at board because I knew I was going to find an imposter using my initials and I was right, so if anything is posted today Sunday 08.28.16 after 6:46am CST and my initials are used it isn't the original pvy; you'll know when it's me. Have a good day. See you at game time, but not sure if I'll be able to see it.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-28T03:25:19
That is a very accurate picture of me. How did you guess? Do you have super powers or something? Reply-to:Beach Girl

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-28T01:54:45
No hard feelings bro. I kind of like being called a troll though.Reply-to:

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-28T01:30:21
Just come out already. You know it's socially acceptable nowadays...just look at Caitylynn Jenner, lol. Reply-to:Ummm.  I hate to bust up the party, but JJ is in a relationship. 

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-28T01:07:38
Yeah...Y.O.U.Reply-to:Legend@50:55, do we suspect a troll?

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-28T00:33:11
...yeah, that's it. Reply-to:Plus trolls have that stupid hair that sticks straight up and is either florescent green or bright pink.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-28T00:16:38
And then the real trolls can all go back to full control of your troll thrones, where you talketh amongst yourselves. Ewwee, ain' that grand! Reply-to:If you post more than three times in a row, w/o someone else posting in the meantime then it will come up that youre posting too much. It happened to me when I was trying to post pics over on the Pic page to bump the disgusting trolls pictures down. It wont let you post more than three consecutive posts.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T23:30:40
got sports illustrated nfl preview issue in the mail yest...texans article made no mention of JJ (didn't seem it was meant to throw shade or ignore him, just covered other players...draft picks/QB switch...prob figure everyone knows JJ and associate him w/texans already!)
derek got a nice mention in chargers piece and even a quote; sounds like his spot is secure. sorry for no link; this was print edition. am sure it's on their website (si.com)
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T21:32:30
Actually Pvy is a troll people. If you only knew. Watch her IP addy
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T21:17:23
I realize that I am just a troll and I really prefer to be with my own kind...that way we can make super troll babies, lol. Reply-to:

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T20:46:21
Came back on board after being gone over 3 hours...did 1 post and it was deleted... Guess I may as well just say goodnight.....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T20:27:25
I love that photo. Brothers
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T19:32:30
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T19:11:33
Hey ladies, the board is still somewhat of a mess. Nothing new. @bam, I'm not expecting jj on sidelines tomorrow. He'll be somewhere in NRG, that's my theory. I hope they don't stink up the stadium like my Saints did. I hope we can see the game where I live.
This is Pvy.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T18:38:36
Rook 22:21, interesting observation. Thanks for sharing. I'd say there's a whole lot of game playing going on.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T18:37:25
Your NOT pvy
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T18:30:04
Well, I'm trying to decide if I think JJ will be on the sidelines tomorrow. We all know our boy isn't camera shy, but he also does not want to disrupt things. At the Mexico soccer game there were some Texans players signing autographs before the game but no JJ and no JJ in the stands. Then saw an interview where he said he watched from the tunnel. If he is on the sideline tomorrow you know what is going to happen. In that period when Peyton was not playing he watched from the locker room as the camera would have been on him constantly. What do you think? bam
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:55:38
Hope you're enjoying yourself.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:31:09
I think it is very sad how people can hold onto the negative & direct it at the good people on this board. I didn't post anything today because the trolls came out early. I didn't think they would take their meanness out on you guys. I am sorry for that
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:23:40
How many uncircumcised men have you had, ladies?
I've had two. :)
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:15:39
I wish this board didn't have so many sm stalkers on it
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:12:24
Yes that's true L. I also didn't know Brian had his own board on here, I'm going to go to have a look. Ellie
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:12:02
You know what's funny Ko liked the one tweet! I say move
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:11:03
I wish this board wasn't so easy to find ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:09:57
THAT'S NOT PVY @ 00:08:18!!!...L
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:09:21
Okay ladies, I'm exiting for a moment. I'm getting ready for my 12hr night shift, so anything after this post won't be me. See you later.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:08:56
Ellie @ 23:13:33, this board is pretty easy to find, I just googled JJ Watt's girlfriend and this board was one of the first links..L
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:08:18
I'd take off my panties and sit on JJ's father' lap.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T17:05:15
Having fun rook 00:02:23?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:59:49
Yeah nice try with the insults, but you should have been smart enough to wait for Kristin to explain before you made your comments.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:57:55
Not getting touchy just sick & tired of hearing about that family that everyone supposedly hates..
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:56:33
LOL, people getting touchy again! Hmmm ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:53:02
Let's not let our imagination run wild now guys
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:52:47
Ok fat girls put the chips down and go for a walk
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:51:33
Soph@42:30, yeah I bet it's the same poster who got mad because she said people were being "rude" to Kealia.
That was the same lame reason Megan used when she got into a Twitter fight with some Houston Sports reporters - she said they were being rude or not respectful enough when discussing the Texans poor play ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:49:29
23:38:41 is not Pvy. For some reason I'm a rookie again.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:49:04
Breaking News Donald Trump is leading the polls
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:47:36
I disappear and seems as though I posted something. Thanks ladies for having my anonymous back. LOL. And the Cush family has been visiting, OMG. So what did I say?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:46:06
Right when I thought this board was over those girls someone has to bring them back up ๐Ÿ˜’ just because some people defend ko doesn't mean it's them lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:43:18
Romo really needs to "hang it up." If he were a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, , Bret Favre, fine, keep pushing.l But he isn't one of them and never would be even healthy. Time to move on. Just hope Jones doesn't get Manziel. Now wait a minute, Jerry
DESERVES him, but the Poke fans don't. Bam
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:42:30
Rookie 21:16 and soph 19:32 I bet it's the same poster that takes anything said about KO and MC personally. Really makes you wonder ๐Ÿค”
Vet 33:13 Megan posted on Brian's board years ago so she knows about these boards. I'm sure they know TO steals his stories from here too and the Houston media use him as a source
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:40:57
22:55:28 cg- i was away from the board and just replied about savage.. not trolling the board.. just didn't reply right away...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:38:54
Kealia looks for tweets about herself every frickin day! It should be no surprise that she & Megan know about this board & probably post on here too.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:38:19
OK this is what I got
CG - Ossie
AnonV - BLP
AnonSO - Ossie
Anon - BRO
Bam - BRO
It looks like BRO but as one person said use either. So we'll know who BRO and ossie are. Thanks ladies. bam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:38:15
I think "maybe a drunk friend has her computer again"cannot possibly be a coincidence
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:36:44
I know what you mean. Someone is like a child throwing rocks at a beehive. Just enjoying the buzz they get from us. Lol!!! Sometimes I ignore it, but Pvy is so fun to talk to. It's annoying that they go after her. I guess I'll be next.๐Ÿ˜‚-A
MC on this board??? Double๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:33:38
22:06:42 cg- i don't know tons about savage...he couldn't play last season due to an injury.. i believe he had his mind set on being the starter for this season but obviously the texans had other ideas.. imo he might have something to prove.. i think he'll continue to do well with any opportunities he's given to play...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:33:13
Do people really think that Megan and KO would post on here? Would they know about this board? Ellie
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:31:18
Country Girl, there's no need to apologize! I just thought that even if we did call him by different names we'd still know who he was! It would help it I signed my posts, I just honestly keep forgetting :) Ellie
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:28:21
Thank you Rook@22:21 & Soph @19:32 for noticing that! She seems (Kristin) Like such a nice person & I the fact that when the board is getting crazy she tries to settle people down.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:23:19
And standby to be deleted...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:19:32
Rookie@22:21:16, GREAT CATCH!!!
So the post @Sat 03:20:38, gave Kristin's explanation about a drunk friend, long before Kristin actually explained it @Sat 04:23:42.
And you're right! The only people who would've known the explanation beforehand are Megan, Kealia & possibly the fanboy.
My guess is, Meddling Meg is posting on here. She's doing the most trying to make sister Fetch happen. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:15:30
Rookie 58:29. Pvy isn't a rookie...just give it up already
Vet...05:14.....I figuired the first post wasn't a troll but when the next pole seemed a contradiction thought that was a troll impersonating you......apologies....just trying to sort them out since its proven itself there is a rookie soph and vet that post then start to troll.......once again apologies............country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T16:05:14
I posted at 16.37 and 47.52, I'm definitely not a troll! :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:55:28
A....they impersonated pvy twice and we know pvy doesn't make comments racial or sexual...I thought when vet made a vote at 16:37 then at 47:52 a vet posted why don't we call him what we want and a soph at 05:56 made comment abt savage and that soph never replied I was uh oh they're back then they impersonated pvy the first time..I warned imposter troll and they did it second time .... They have no shame because they have no morals,,,,,,,,,,,country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:46:15
LMFAO! rookie you are trollin'!!!!
Pvy would never say such a thing and we already know she doesn't even have a husband. Uhg.....try again. Leave pvy alone. -A
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:34:24
I can't even remember where I heard JJ was starting practice next week. I figured he posted those posts "Soon" I thought it was official. Boo...Too bad.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:34:19
17:31 is not pvy.....imposter troll alert
16:28 saying what we know not to be true...we go days without a tweet from jj
Looks like games are afoot again....country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:21:16
Ok so read my entire post before you jump all over me for going back to a topic that you have moved on from, but while going over the comments that were left while I was away, I see that a Rook at 03:20 says it def Kristin and *maybe another drunk friend has her computer ๐Ÿ˜‚* But Kristins explanation about the bar didn't come until 04:23, so the only people who knew that were Kristin (a vet), the drunk guy (who wouldn't have said *it was her I called her out on it yesterday*) and the people Kristin apologized to: mc, ko, ko's creeper in nc- not a random trouble maker troll. It's obvious one of those 3 are intentionally stirring you up. So before you get all mad at someone for a comment they make to you, stop and think about who it prob is and ignore them like you would the racist moron.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:16:28
JJ's been quiet on twitter for the last couple of days. I'm used to getting a tweet about something LOL
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T15:06:42
Soph 05:56...I don't know hardly a thing abt savage...he played a few snaps that I remember and did well..that's the extent of my savage knowledge...help???....country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T14:22:21
Yes Soph, Savage is really impressing this pre-season.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T14:05:56
not trying to bash ozzy/ossie, but i feel like i might have more to say about qb tom savage this season...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T13:47:52
Why not call him whichever one we prefer? We'll know who we mean :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T13:46:33
CG, you're funny but I think we got 4 BROS vs. 2 Ozzy /Ossie?
Bam are you keeping track? ? Lol.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T13:38:58
Was just on jj watt Google and if you go in first article and keep reading thru comments on battle red Brock is referred to as Ozzy......just saying.....lol lol lol cg
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T13:36:23
I like BRO :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:58:57
Soph...Ossie sounds good....even better than Ozzy....everybody calls each other bro on team that's why I had suggested Ozzy but I like Ossie better than Ozzy.....country girl.............bam. Is it too late to change to Ossie instead of Ozzy???????? Lol lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:55:12
Pvy.....ya know I'm cowboys fan but I'm 100% in agreement too much money for too many years of poor production...I feel bad for Romo but he's got two young children to think about and he doesn't need to be crippled for life....bet crappy jerry Jones crying crodile tears today..lol.....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:50:49
i call him osweiler so i'll go with ozzy.. or ossie..
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:24:16
Sounds like everyone's afternoon is going well. Catching up on posts and bam I vote BRO. As far as Romo, too much money for the lack of production and now this. But the backup QB is looking good in preseason.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:18:26
BOB seems to follow the Belichick way when it comes to giving info to the press. I have a feeling we won't know 100% for sure about JJ joining the team practices until he actually jogs out there in his uniform/pads and practices with the team. -PT
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:16:37
I vote for BRO.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:10:27
Kc.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!Kyummy arms and shoulders...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol lol lol lol. Country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:08:41
Bam...don't like anyone disrespecting our flag for any reason...I understand point Colin was making just think disrespecting the flag was wrong method............NFL said room broke 2 bones in back...he should have retired after 2nd collar bone break..obviously something wrong that he breaks so easy...
Bam...I vote for ozzyโ€ฆ......lol lol....country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:02:23
Thank you KC!
And Bam, I vote for BRO. Lol.
Why didn't Colin stand up? Did he give a reason? ?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T12:00:09
Just saw this pic on IG...can't wait to officially have football JJ back -KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:53:36
Romo needs to retire. Cowboys need to move on. R.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:50:40
I just saw that bam. I really feel bad for that guy. He can't seem to win. I think he has had major injuries each of the last 3 seasons. That's tough. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:48:51
Colin has always been a little to full of himself. R.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:42:28
They just announced Romo has a broken bone in his back. Bam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:38:11
How do you all feel about Colin K refusing to stand during the national anthem at the game today? bam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:23:29
I like both Ozzy and BRO. OK ladies, vote on how we are going to refer to Brock since BO stinks!!!!!! I'll let you know which one got the most votes. bam
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:14:18
OK bam, I'll admit you got me with that one lol!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:13:15
i'm sure he has his stubborn moments but i do not think at all he would play around with doctors when it concerns his longterm health...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:11:54
Lol Bam!
I'm pretty sure JJ's baby blues don't have that same effect on male doctors....
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T11:08:21
55:40. BUT, who could resist those baby blues looking at you with that beautiful smile. No way you could say "NO" to that. lol bam
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:55:40
The doctors involved are too experienced to be taken in by a player who tells them tbehy feel great, they all tell the doctors that.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:52:28
KC I am scared to death he won't be"totally honest" with them. Xrays, MRIs, scans, etc. tell them about the integrity of the bones, but you know as well as I do if they ask JJ how he feels he is going to answer them with "great." He was trying to get back in the chief game having to "hold his junk." He is saying the words that he will be smart but if he is standing out, pads on, helmet is in his hand, he is going to say anything to get in that game. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and do some praying. bam
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:51:21
Bam....how about Ozzy....country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:50:10
Yes, bam! BO is awful isn't it?! How about BRO? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:49:57
Pvy....I haven't seen anything on a practice either but don't they usually do that walk thru thingy the day before a game as well as a meeting????
Soph 36:19. Where did you see that its definite jj will practice with team this coming week..last I heard( like yesterday) there was nothing positive its only sportscasters speculation...Bob was still a soone than later person....I would love nothing more than see jj back at practice with team if doctors say he is ready...........country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:47:59
If he comes back too soon and re-injures himself he can't go back on pup, he will miss the first six games. The Texans are going to be so careful about bringing him back.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:47:17
Well, I would say that is a "serious" Aikman on the Texans website photos. Since he is here for the game what do you want to bet he has an interview with JJ? Naturally he will talk to Brock but I bet he also talks to JJ. By the way, I hate to refer to Brock as BO. Just doesn't sound right. Sometimes QB doesn't work. So when I refer to him I'm just going to use O unless you have a better idea. bam
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:44:40
There has been nothing official about JJ coming off pup and starting training next week. The source for that was someone who was "close to the source but who was unauthorized to talk to the press". There were also reports saying the original story was untrue. As with all things like this, it's best to wait for official confirmation.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:42:58
Part of me hopes he starts practice next week but another part of me is worried for him. It is his spine and he needs to think about the rest of his life. I know he is listening to doctors. We will have to see on Monday. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:36:19
He is going to start practicing this next week. I think he may join them. Not sure if there has to be a official announcement that's he's off PUP.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:31:50
I don't think anyone is saying he will stop going to games, he just wouldn't be going to them while the Texans are in camp is all.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:24:48
i think tonight is the opposing team's last home game.. it's not impossible something was misread and an honest mistake was made...giving the benefit of the doubt here:) jj is known for his support of other houston teams and athletes so i doubt he will abruptly stop doing that...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T10:01:46
With respect, like A said herself both Kristen and KC want to move on.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:56:28
A @17:41 you can make your points it may bring a new perspective to the board. You always make a good point
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:53:27
It's an away game so it doesn't matter anyway
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:52:05
Kc 38:26. Amen to that!!!!!!!!lol lol. Way too many....lol...country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:50:52
Its not only camp its night before a game....even though he's not playing I still think jj follows team rules mostly cuz he likes to feel a part of the team...IMO...lol lol country girl
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:47:18
Haha vet. I know don't worry. KC
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:42:21
Legend, the post I was replying to was a deleted. I'm definitely not a troll lol!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:38:26
It is hard to tell the trolls sometimes because there are so many now. KC
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:29:45
And it is not a home game tonight they are away for the next 2 games.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:26:13
A......morning.....I can handle a light amt of scruff but ya know my favorite is clean shaven.lol lol....what i saw of his haircut I like it...can still be combed over and tousled...will be good for helmet head days....lol lol lol.. ..I couldn't believe axe calledvthat a Mohawk...every Mohawk I've seen has shaved sides and Mohawk runs from front of head down to nape of neck with all else shaved.........lol lol lol.....country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:23:26
The troll is back. He won't be at the game tonight, he's in camp. He wasn't at the last home game either.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:17:41
Morning all!
I wanted to touch on some things but since KC and Kristen obviously want to move on, so will I :)
@PT, yes! Completely agree. The spikey hair or Mohawk wasn't doing him any favors.
@CG- good morning!
....."the comb over when its slightly touseled..."
that's my favorite look too! Lol. Are you a bit disappointed that he got a haircut ,but decided to keep the scruff??
Because I wasn't . Hahhaha.๐Ÿ˜œ-A
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:08:14
Yay jj pics.....lots of jj pics....?did any of y'all like the "Mohawk" cut axe gave jj a while back??????? I didn't...it just didn't look like any Mohawk I've ever seen....I think jj tried tovrevive it a bit back before he tried the "pointed head" look....guess I just stuck on the comb over when its slightly touseled...wow there's even a pic wearing his dog tag...I sure miss seeing him wear it...seemed like he wore it all the time a while back but no more๐Ÿ˜”.....vet..thanks bunches for pics..really needed a pick me up this am...lol....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:07:35
To you Kristen--Iread your explanation. It's not the end of the world. I've seen worse coming from this board on Twitter. People who stI'll post on here daily.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:05:02
@Country girl--What does it even matter anymore. Today is a new day.I haven't been on here for days and read what happened.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T09:01:34
I was never a fan of the mohawk look. Apparently JJ has had some interesting haircuts, though. I saw a pic from back when he was @ UW where he had some kind of design shaved into his head. LOL! He looks better with long hair; it seems to balance out his face, since it's so long. I don't want to sound like I'm being mean, but when his hair is short he kind of looks like a potato-head (and I mean that in the nicest way. He's still cute, just more potato-ey looking with a buzz cut). -PT
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:55:23

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:45:45
15:12:46 I respect your wishes Kristen and will say no more.
@CG, I looked at Texans app and saw nI reference to practice today
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:31:42
Soph 12:37. I am not the one trying to start trouble...all of this did start after I left board last night....now I'm understanding less and less as I read your post..as a normal poster why would you call out another poster..that's starting trouble...what even makes you think you have the right tobdo something like that..in past that has been a troll action to start disputes...you say you are not a troll..please do not act like one..thanks....!country girl
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:26:47
What did Elsa say "Let it go, Let it go..."
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:20:56
12:37 what are u gonna do?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:16:24
thank you kristin 04:23:42 for posting the explanation of what happened...appreciate what you wrote.. kc 14:44:16, i appreciated your post as well...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:16:21
Friendships are tight
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:16:19
Soph@15:14:23, I know, right ๐Ÿค”
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:14:49
Are you ready for some football!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:14:23
It's really interesting that there's a poster or two that take anything said about KO or MC very personally ๐Ÿค”
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:12:46
Pvy @19:07 -They knew if they came over here it would create chaos because the discussion about the tweet would not just end at my apology. no one on twitter gave any thought or comment to what I said. Just a thought that the person that keeps bringing it up is one of the sisters or Nicholas. The apology was only sent to them. I do wish we could stop talking about this it is causing some discord on the board & I never wanted that.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:12:37
CG it wasn't a troll. I called A out. U we te not on here so maybe it's best to start a new day and not bring it back up if u truly don't want to start trouble
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:12:23
Does anyone know if the Texans have practice today? -KC
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T08:00:34
Kc....in reading everything after the fact it looked like the whole discussion was started by trolls and basically carried by them...they even called A out..its always a trip when that happens....country girl
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:58:52
Well I choose not to sign but others prefer to. I don't want my comments linked to other SM. My choice but others don't seem to mind. Truly thought we had moved on,but I'm happy to explain myself. Just a personal preference for me.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:56:18
Soph 22:59.....when I said good morning I said good morning all...that includes everyone..signers non signers and even trolls...I don't believe I mentioned anything about non signers specifically...there are many who choose to sign as is their choice and are excellent contributors....I fail to understand an attack over something not said--insinuated--or otherwise mentioned except by you..all I did was express my opinion of what I felt abt attacks on Kristen and pvy....I am also allowed to express my opinion on a celebrities style of dress or even non celebrities or wannabe celebrities..you can agree disagree or say nothing but why do you want to attack anyone for a comment or opinion???????country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:49:49
If you want to remain anonymous , why it was so important for you to know who was the person who tweeted that?
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:44:16
Good morning ladies. I feel so bad that I even brought it up last night. It was an innocent question on my part. I had no idea people would take it as far as they did. I was not bashing Kristin nor will I ever bash anyone on this board. I apologize to Kristin for even bringing it up. Again it was an innocent curiosity. And just for the record I sign all the time and I am not a KO hater or basher. I hope everyone has a great day and we get some JJ news. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:43:48
I'll look through Texans app to see if anything is there. I hope you enjoy your day cg.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:40:31
Sorry about that 33:08. Made a generalization. Everyone has the ability to post their own opinion
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:39:37
Pvy...agreed..you know I have..the snarky soph started already abt things I never brought up...just another ploy to start fights...I read Kristen's explanation and I read pts explanation and as far as I'm concerned the incidents are over and done.....do you know ifvtexans are having a practice today or do they just do the walk thru (?) And meeting to prepare for game plus get checked into hotel...hope we see jj and Duane on sidelines...what a morale booster for the team that would be and it would get the fans hopped up too!!!!!!!! Lol. Country girl....,,,....
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:33:08
Soph14:22:59 please don't speak for pvy when you say regulars are non-supporters of this person. Don't generalize your theory, speak for yourself please. I'm more than capable of posting what I feel when I want to.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:22:59
It was her or at least her account. She explained and it is over. While you were sleeping it was taken care of.
I am a regular poster who does not and will not sign my name. I try to post positive remarks and do not insult people's appearance. I know the regular signers on this board are not supportive of KO and that is fine, but as much as you try you will not exclude those of us who do not sign!
So GOOD MORNING non signers and the rest of u!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:19:07
Hey you guys, happy Saturday. Louisiana is in the midst of potential hurricane. Jesus probably sick of me now.
CG, I said it last night and I'll say it again this morning that Kristin owes no apology, whether or not it was her. It's her business. I could care less IF she sent that tweet. What gets my goat is they came here to accuse her. Why didn't they defend on twitter if you admire this person so much. You rant on an anonymous board, why not put it on twitter so we can see your username?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T07:09:41
Oh ๐Ÿ˜” KO again
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-27T06:12:34
Good morning all...read the board of postings from when I said good night to current....I can honestly say it sickened me about the attack on Kristen....since she has been on this board she has been nothing but respectful considerate and helpful plus she knows how to post pics of jj...I dontbthink for a moment any regular poster believed it was here..the trolls were on all day and evening posing as regular posters but with their snide little remarks..pvy was severely attacked..we are all entitled to our opinions and to reply and discuss them but in a decent manner..if you feel you have to ridicule demean and insult someone's opinion please don't bother just move on..the majority of us are over ko..if you're over her don't comment at call just move along...I spend at least half of my posting time being deleted and/or called out...every once in a while I fight back when I get fed up.....well enough just wanted to say what I felt....country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T05:39:52
I hear the only good that comes out of Wisconsin is cheese Reply-to:JJs Dad can have intercourse with my mouth if thats what it takes for me to catch JJs eye.Beach Girl

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T05:36:26
Reply-to:I think hell end up with a regular girl, do his best to protect her privacy (if she wants it), and then theyll go back to WI and make sweet little Badger babies. :) And how would he protect her privacy, especially since he is so famous?

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T05:35:19
Oh no! Was really hoping he would pick me, lol Reply-to:Could see him with an older woman. He likes that bunch of ladies!

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T03:50:09
Spikey looks good. What is his natural hair color? Anybody know? Reply-to:His recent post is very JJ. Love his military appreciation. His hair looks longer in the picture he posted. I like it, ultimately the spikey look is my favorite (or maybe the backwards hat). ~JW~

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-27T03:25:56
why delete my post??? weird pple keep trolling on here and I'm deleted cause I said the truth
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-27T02:25:36
What other board? New to his forum.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T22:06:17
Thanks soph 4:59! That's so cool! Hopefully we'll see jj.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:59:21
04:51:03 no, it is a home game.. olympic gold medalist simone manuel will be an honorary game captain..
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:51:03
Do the Texans go to Arizona this Sunday??
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:47:27
Smdh ๐Ÿ˜’ some of you just need to drop that family already.. really hope jj gives us something tomorrow
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:44:29
Have a good night.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:44:10
Yes, he can get any average girl he wants...
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:40:47
Reading all this while at night shift. I have no grievances with ko but enough already. Kristin you don't owe anyone an apology, it's your phone/computer and your business. Pvy
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:40:22
Well, I'm off to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:40:12
I believe you..I was hoping you would chime in and speak for yourself since I didn't know if it was actually you who sent out that tweet. There's obviously more than one Kristin on twitter.
Anyway, lesson learned.Don't leave your SM unattended! LOL! Good night all.
Hopefully we get something from JJ tomorrow :) -A
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:29:54
P.S. If you want to bash me that's fine but don't waste a lot of time that should be devoted to JJ.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:28:17
Soph 15:24 he can get any girl he wants and he knows it. If he is dating someone it's because he wants to be with her not because he is settling
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:27:31
Thank Kristin. Nice to see that it was a mistake and you took responsibility. Hopefully that will be the example as this board moves forward.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:26:11
Lmao ๐Ÿ˜’ my head is starting to hurt
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:23:46
Its Kristin from this board its pretty obvious.. The mentality some of you have is bizarre we talk down at all the barstool guys yet we go in on KO & her family any chance we get.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:23:42
OK everyone this is what happened. I was out with friends after riding - we were at the hotel bar. I had my computer with me to check on my business, twitter & the board. One of the guys I was with is the hugest JJ fan. So I showed him the board. He got a kick out it - conversation turned to KO & JJ. And I said no to the relationship bc she is liking tweets from this guy Nicholas. So I went on twitter & showed him. Did not think anything of it. He then shows me tweet he sent about KO & everyone that is good was at Olympics. HaHa we were all laughing. I know nothing about soccer or her as a player. Next thing I know he responds to Nicholas tweet with a very nasty & suggestive tweet. I deleted it as soon as I saw it. I tried to apologize saying it wasn't me that it was someone I was having a party with that sent the tweet. I do not or would I ever condone anyone saying what he said on twitter. If you look at my page it is very boring. It was stupid on my part to leave my computer open. Twitter should not be used to bash or hurt people & in that respect I am no better than the people who do bc I let some guy do just that.  I understand you guys being upset with me - I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated & take responsibility for my words & actions. I will say Good Night now - be kind to one another.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:22:52
Kristin has had a chance to respond and hasn't.
And I'll post whatever I want. Delete it if you don't like it
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:20:11
Watched episode of Ballers on HBO tonight. I can totally see JJ doing that with the Rock!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:19:59
I don't care who bullies ko, but this is a JJWatt board and we defend him, so take your complaint about ko being bullied to the person who sent the tweet instead of coming here and accusing a poster name Kristin that you just assumed is the bully. Try that and leave the posters here alone.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:18:05
How do you even know he's settling? You don't even know him lmao all signs point to not dating so don't worry you still have a shot at jj.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:15:27
Some people are just rude by nature. You are a little late to the ballgame.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:15:24
Man, if they are dating he is settling big time.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:13:58
*sigh* for the millionth time just because some people talk positively about KO doesn't mean we're fangirls.. Grow up.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:11:42
KO fangirl, go on her board cause we don't care. Do you know how many kristins in the world but you just know it has to be someone on here.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:08:26
If they are actually dating there is going to be some major back peddling on her! CG might even like her outfits๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:05:13
Soph 4:01 that wasn't just snarky that was rude & the way some posters talk about her & her family on here I would say its on the same level as those barstool idiots let's not sugar coat it. I've read some posters on here say some rude things on her SM then those same posters complain about getting deleted & blocked by them.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:01:18
Who is bullying KO? It was one snarky tweet, certainly nowhere near the quantity or level of bullying of the Barstool sheep.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T21:00:46
Idk if dating anybody would make this board any better tbh haha hopefully he goes somewhere & doesn't hide behind a trash can so we can talk about that!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:58:19
Let's just move on. JJ just needs to date someone, go somewhere or play football so we have something to talk about that is constructive
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:57:47
You have a point -A but then we have no place in telling those barstool guys anything idk.. I hope jj gives us something tomorrow lmao
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:57:11
In that case then the Barstool guys can say whatever they want on their Twitter right? Or is it only wrong when it's towards JJ and not when people on here are bullying KO on her social media accounts
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:55:47
I just feel like it's not my place to tell her otherwise?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:53:50
No one is trying to link jj & KO so no fetch is not currently happening lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:52:17
Is fetch trying to happen again?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:50:38
I'm not bashing her, but it's just not okay to attack people on SM. And you are certainly defending her use of Twitter. If not why keep mentioning she can use it however she wants.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:45:43
I don't think anyone is bashing Kristin its just the irony of it all is funny/confusing
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:42:12
LOL! Call me out Rookie! ;)
It's Kristin's twitter account. She can say what she wants. ...I'm certainly not going to tell her how to use her own SM account. ( as if she would listen anyway?) LOL.
And , for the record, I never bashed KO because ,unlike alot of posters, I actually respect her. She is BLIND in one eye and was bullied as a kid , but that never stopped her from playing. I definitely respect her for that.
Also, I agree rude is rude. So that's why I say I'm not going after Kristin either. So.... it's ok to bash on Kristin. ....for bashing KO?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:40:11
Just because she didn't make it to the Olympics doesn't mean she's not any good lmao I'm so over this family but I refuse to talk crap about them. the bashing gets annoying haters bring them up more then their fans do can we just go back to jj?! Thats something we can all agree on Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:39:46
32:10 are you a soccer player?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:37:57
You are all good girls now, funny...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:34:53
Did you? 32:10
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:34:51
Megan's response was actually not bad lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:34:44
Everyone fixated on long but something tells me jj talking to someone else, getting to know them.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:32:10
Did Kealia play in the Olympics?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:31:04
Sorry A I totally disagree with you. I don't think it is ever okay to intentionally be rude! If you are truly a fan of someone like JJ you would understand that! And yes A I am calling you out. Integrity works both ways! I respect people who respect others!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:30:43
i just hope whoever tweeted that opinion actually watches women's soccer regularly...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:28:21
* you weren't.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:26:41
I know you were calling her out. You asked out of curiosity. Don't be sorry :) like you said earlier, Everyone has an opinion. If it is Kristin from this board, well then.....it's her twitter account. She can say whatever she wants on it. -A
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:25:17
It's pretty funny to see the tweets from her getting mad over the Barstool guys bullying JJ but she's doing the same to KO lol funny that Megan called her out too
KO was the number 1 draft pick. Hate her all you want but you can't say she isn't one of the top female soccer players
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:25:07
I'm not bashing her I've seen several posters on here be rude to those girls on their social media.. I just don't understand why it's so useless.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:22:20
I didn't say anything about it start bashing Kristin. I was simply curious. Sorry I said anything. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:22:01
Watching the Packers v San Francisco game. So I'll be up awhile. R.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:20:08
It's her. I called her out on it yesterday and she didn't respond. And again now she is not responding! Maybe another drunk friend has her computer๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:18:36
I am not sure A. That's why I was asking. But I think she left for the night already. It might not be her. KC
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:17:38
How are you so sure it's Kristin from this board?-A
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:16:50
Yes rude is rude. It's unfortunate that grown women have to be petty. KO has obviously performed at a certain level in her sport to be respected.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:13:06
I like how that twitter user is defending jj from the grown men bullying him while she's being rude to a grown woman ๐Ÿ˜’ I wish we could all move on from that family
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:12:26
If it was Kristin from here. It doesn't matter to me. She is entitled to her own opinion. I just thought it was interesting that I saw a post from someone on here on Twitter and I was curious nothing else. Well bedtime for me good night ladies. Glad you enjoyed the pics. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:09:57
I believe it is from someone on this board who goes by the same name
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:06:17
Yeah it is.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:05:53
It probably is someone from here I've recognized some twitter profiles from here that comment rude things on her Instagram & now her twitter I guess lol
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:04:41
I actually think she is a very good soccer player. KC
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:02:49
I am not saying I agree with it. Just wondering if it was someone from here. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:01:57
If somebody was being bitchy towards my sister for no good reason I'd be snippy too!
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:01:22
No the tweet is still there. The original negative tweet was to the fan boy. Lol. KC
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T20:00:16
Someone named kristin (wasn't sure if it was the one from here) made a comment about a certain soccer player only being good because the Olympic players were not playing. Well that certain female soccer player ( lol) liked the tweet, I guess to be funny. And a certain sister of the soccer player tweeted this Kristin asking her why she followed her. Hope that makes sense lol. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:59:33
KC, I just saw that Twitter sister sniping. ๐Ÿ‘€ LOL. Did you see it when it happened? Because I think a tweet was deleted.
Kealia's groupie fan boy tweeted this at the same time:
"@โ€ชmegan_makenaโ€ฌ โ€ช@kaurbaqhโ€ฌ โ€ช@KealiaOhaiโ€ฌ the Ohai sisters, man.... Claws out."
and then this: https://mobile.twitter.com/babranski/status/768688602146541572
"I hate when people post crude things & then quickly delete... that was such an awkward thing for me to have be a standalone tweet."
Any idea what it was?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:57:41
LOL....excuse my typos. I got too excited there. -A
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:56:02
What ate talking about? I'm super curious. Fill me in! :)
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:52:15
Thanks KC. The pics are great! R.
Anonymous (Legend) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:43:05
Kristin, Love that pic too. I have to ask. Did you annoy a certain pair of sisters by making a comment on twitter? I saw someone with the name kristin and she was responded to by one of the them. just curious :)
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:42:07
Good night everyone - you wore me out! lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:39:20
One of my favs
Image result for jj pics mizzen&main
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:32:58
Pvy....no not yet....in between posting then finding I was deleted I've been watching the bears and bucs game....think I'm going to sign off for the night...busy day tomorrow...grandkids coming to bake cookies......yay flour flour everywhere...lol lol lol..nitey night country girl and the critters๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:31:29
Thank you KC!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:28:31
Here are some JJ pics again. -KC

Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:28:06
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:27:00
Agree Kristin!
Great post.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:25:09
JJ isn't definitely starting training next week, I sure hope he does though!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:24:41
Actually Country Girl, everything you've posted is in sync. you just haven't responded to questions that have been directed at you
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:21:50
Nice post, Kristin...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:21:13
The Cushings not liking JJ this week bc he is coming back to the team sooner & take spotlight away from BC?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:20:38
And someone is actually deleting pics of jj. @CG, did you try the app yet. Pvy
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:18:43
I re-read all the posts & see that we all have our own opinions & valid reason why we have them. I did not find one post that was wrong or petty. I do think that the children of today look to emulate people in sports, music, entertainment etc. Do these people have a responsibility to the youth of today? Yes they do & there should be less negativity & more positive behavior from them. I don't think it is petty when one states that they don't like swearing & think role models should try to refrain from swearing. I respect everyone who posts on this board - I may not agree all the time but that is why there are opinions. PT, Pvy, CG, KC, Jane & everyone on the board remain true to yourselves and enjoy the board as it was meant to be. We get enough nastiness from the trolls we don't need to contribute to it. And by the way I love pics of JJ anytime!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:18:17
Deleting JJ pics on a JJ board. well that's ironic
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:14:31
I must be offending someone as I'm being deleted again....can't think of any other reason hmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope no other reason.....country girl
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:12:35
They deleted JJ pics? Looking at and talking about JJ is why we come to this board! Keep them coming KC and whoever else posts them!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:07:34
I personally enjoy the jj pics it honestly would be better than just arguing lmao
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:07:32
Here we go with the deleting. Just a big waste of money. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:07:24
PT...this is why the other board exists, remember?...L
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:06:20
The deleter has woke up. Time to go visit the other board. See you on here tomorrow everyone!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:06:08
Great vet. And that is what makes this board work. Posts and responses. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:05:54
I can't help but notice when deleters come about. It's usually only when a couple of people are in the hot seat. Country Girl, any comment?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:05:50
01:48:05 agree it's a worth a read.. pretty much love everything on theplayerstribune...
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:04:46
I will also post what I like.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:03:27
Vet you seem to be the only one who has a problem with it. You don't need to look at them just scroll by them. I will post what I like just as everyone else does. I respect what everyone posts. KC
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on 2016-08-26T19:03:13
51:23 When you disagree Country Girl or when you can't respond when someone asks a question you can't answer?
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