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Doug Hemple , Philadelphia
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Carol Adcock, Brandon, FL
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Linda Landin, Willmar, MN
Scott Rome , Connecticut
michael smith, troy.mich
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Don Housholder, Chandler In.
Kyle Larson is the best driver to come to NASCAR since Dale Sr won the Daytona 500. I've watched him kick butt for years at my local track in Placerville my husband said to me the first time we saw him run in Placerville "That boy is going to get to NASCAR and win a championship. Thank God he saw him race many times. Unfortunately he was called to heaven 1 year before Kyles Rookie Year in Sprint (Now Monster Energy drink. So go kick butt Kyle my husband is your biggest fan in heaven. GO KYLE. 🙏👊
Darrell bradbury, El Dorado, ca
Michael F Wagner, Iowa
Good luck in 2017
Terry Wilks, Clinton, IN
Victor. Velasquez, SAN Antonio, Texas
Jerry Dillinger, Independence MO
Bob defranco, newjersey 08857
Humm k few things... Tony and P are very happy. He is smitten with her and she is as sweet as can be, sat with her on pit box and thought wow she's fantastic im so happy for them. Sotry ladies your dreams of marrying the rich single nascar driver are over (lol) also just because she doesn't jump on camera doesn't mean she isn't there, she doesn't leave his side. Trust me... she makes him happier than he has been his whole life...Road course require more than one spotter Bob J. Is reg spotter and he has another guy he uses to see different turns on road course. Yall really .... seriously.... really... kinda dumb... let people live, why you all think your opinion matters is beyond me.... seriously get a clue, or at least be part of our racing family before you make an assumption about something you know nothing of... please and thxs...☺🚗💨🏁 ❤ & ✌ see you in Daytona!
Junior kelley,
Joyce Bell, Washington
Candie Banks, Salisbury NC
Charles Cummings, Connecticut
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