Talk-Sports Advertising

Talk-Sports accepts direct ads with payment via PayPal. The following sections describes optional campaigns that you might run and their cost. Talk-Sports received more than 800,000 visits monthly and 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 pageviews per month.

Banner and Buttons
Ad Type Approximate Views Price
Homepage Header Banner 728x90 15,000 $1,000 per month
Forum Header Banner 728x90 100,000 $100 per month
($1 CPM)
Forum Header Banner 728x90 300,000 $250 per month
($0.8 CPM)
Forum Header Banner 728x90 1,000,000 $500 per month
($0.5 CPM)
Homepage Sidebar Button 90x90
(below fold)
15,000 $200 per month
Forum Sidebar Button 90x90
(below fold)
1,000,000 $100 per month
($0.1 CPM)
Text Links
Link Duration Link Exposure Price
Monthly Homepage $100 per month
Quarterly Homepage $200 per 3 months
Annual Homepage $600 per year
Permanent Guest Post $100 per guest post

You will also be required to submit the images and links for approval via email to If your link is not approved, then we will refund your payment. This can take a few hours.

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